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Is it possible to create a Video/Youtube section?

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So i've been in this forum since 2017 and will forever be grateful to it not only for the support of my channel but the healthy discussions that take place here (there are bad apples everywhere but are extremely rare here). Anyways i wont ramble on and get straight to the point. Though i enjoy creating content for those who enjoy video form rather than written (Wish i was as gifted as @Hodor to write blog posts), i do understand how it might sometimes feel like spam to those who don't prefer that medium, therefore my question to see if maybe the community would agree to have a video section for those interested. I understand this may be an unpopular opinion and i completely respect that and will make sure to limit the amount of content i publish here. Thank you all for your time, hope you have a wonderful day



ps. #XRPthestandard 

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i think its a nice idea for adding to the sections tbh, i don't personally get a lot of the categories as they currently are but hey ho 

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