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XRP Price Calculator (Inspired by Athey & Mitchnick of Standford)

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10 hours ago, JTxrPP said:

"This calculator is based on the valuation model developed by Susan Athey (Board of Directors, Ripple) and Robert Mitchnick (Stanford Graduate School of Business) in the paper A Fundamental Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets"




It's like planting some hopium plant by herself so that she can use it later on her own. 

But this is comforting, thanks for the hopium.

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I had a play around on it for a bit of fun. Based of today's data i got from CMC (I know its not that accurate...)

Total Daily Transactions: $0.001 trillion ($1 billion)

Store of Value: I assumed 75% of XRP is being unused at the moment. $0.015 Trillion ($15 billion).

Duration: 0 years (today's volume)

Circulating Supply of 42.5 billion XRP

The calculator showed $0.47 - which is about the price as of writing ($0.46)


All just a bit of fun really, but interesting that the calculator was so close....:)


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