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RIPPLE XRP NEWS - EU Calls for Instant Cross-Border Payments, Ripple to Get Top Chance!


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This article is a waste of time to be honest, and I'm upset I wasted my time reading it.

From your article:

"This is coming just weeks after the European Central Bank in an occasional paper titled: “Crypto-Assets: Implications for financial stability, monetary policy, and payments and market infrastructures” branded Ripple (XRP) among three other cryptocurrencies as most important in terms of usage as well as business model diversity.

Although some claimed that the research does not represent ECB’s view, it is clear that if the European Commission remains keen on its aim to bring instant remittance service to its province, it would have to leverage blockchain technology, and Ripple is sure the option to go for."           uh ????

From the Source: 

"Bitcoin continues to lead the pack of crypto-assets in terms of market capitalisation, user base and popularity. There exist around 1,900 crypto-assets, up from 7 in April 2013. Next to bitcoin, ether, ripple and bitcoin cash are considered the most important in terms of usage, market capitalisation or business model diversity.

The next 8 pages after this quote are directly talking about Bitcoin with Ripple never mentioned again, (twice only in the charts/diagrams in comparison to Bitcoin).

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