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Brad Garlinghouse talks about libra and moneygram at @FortuneMagazine’s #BrainstormFinance

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3 minutes ago, Finesse said:

Oh i didnt know you were an institutional investor, nice to know we have ones take on the current events and future adoption time-frame.

Why haven't the institutional investors entered the market?

- They are subject to regulations that limit the types of assets they are allowed to hold. Clear taxonomy and regulation will solve this. 

- Volatility - financial tools that offset risk will minimize this (thus all the excitement for Bakkt)

Facebooks Libra whitepaper showed it isn't terribly difficult to start a stablecoin. Just get some partners with some cash, head to Switzerland file some papers to start a organization to manage it, then just figure out the % of what fiats you want to back it. All the big players are going to either join a faction or start their own, the race is on. 

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8 minutes ago, Finesse said:

How do you know they havent?

Do you know anyone with millions and millions of dollars to sink into xrp? 

I think the paltry ~$300 billion market cap shows that the majority of the big swinging d*** money hasn't entered the market. 

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13 minutes ago, EXARRPEE said:

I think the paltry ~$300 billion market cap shows that the majority of the big swinging d*** money hasn't entered the market. 

Oh im not disputing that either ,cant wait till they ALL swing those big D*** stacks into crypto so i can retire before 30.

But there are SOME big D***'s swinging for sure, we see it on the ledger millions and millions of dollars of xrp moving around or being traded daily. 

Those are institutions.

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4 hours ago, GiddyUp said:

(1:16) Brad addresses a question about his "...best week for Ripple contracts ever" statement :D

For the lazy people:

"When you said that it was the best week for Ripple contracts ever - was that a factual statement or were you just hoping?"

BG: "No that was a factual statement. [The facebook announcement] has absolutely catalyzed contract activity. So, we may have been talking to a bank, a payment provider, for 6 weeks, 6 months on a contract - This has been a call to action; there's no question. I was texting with John Mitchell (head of sales) and this is going to be a record week for Ripple."

I wonder how long until we hear about some of these deals. Also the example he used about banks closing up shop in select countries such as Brazil earlier - I wonder if we'll see any of that come to play where it might not make sense for a bank to use Ripple in most cases, but they could start using xRapid in select corridors where they don't have liquidity or too risky too operate in.

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