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XRP - eToro - Ledger Nano X


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Hi guys, 

Recently new to investment, Ive invested into XRP through eToro.


After doing more research it seems that the safest way to hold a substantial or any crypto for that matter is by using a ledger. 

I was wondering if you could use a Ledger Nano X with eToro/eToro wallet. If so is there a tutorial somewhere? I know that I can do this with coinbase however I'd quite like the ease of just leaving my money in eToro. If I need to move it I will but I'd like not to.


Thanks in advance!

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As we've seen with Gatehub etc, you are placing a certain amount of trust in these companies. They should be safe, and some may say they'll insure your losses in the case of worst event... but you'll never know until it's too late.

With using the Nano, a paper wallet etc you move that responsibly onto yourself. You have to either trust these companies, or trust yourself with the keys. With a company a hacking or corrupt employee is an issue. With yourself loss or theft of your keys is an issue (so long as you don't fall for any phishing attempts).

I've gone for the Nano myself, but that means I'm now trying to keep 2 sets of seed words safe in physical locations.

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On 6/23/2019 at 11:26 PM, XRP-JAG said:

You send your XRP to the wallet address in exactly same way you'd send it anywhere. No special way of doing it.

Not very helpful. It is not clear on xrp wallet on etoro what the key is to send.

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