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5 hours ago, QWE said:

"Some analysts estimate that thanks to the stock options the company gave to early employees, Microsoft had created three billionaires and as many as 12,000 millionaires by 2005. And even for those who didn't quite get to those heights, the rewards were huge."



This is Microsoft alone.

Microsoft was founded in 1975...

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It’s a balance between demand and supply in a crazy manipulated market. Anybody claiming to know exactly why is talking BS.  So here I go, lol: - BTC down, alts down - BTC climbing, alt

Back from the grave 6 month ago. BTC is now 10k XRP 27c. Lol..

Funny that when xrp goes up it is due to utility and potential, when it is others then it is manipulation

5 hours ago, retep said:

then there would be tens of thousants people who become a millionaire in the shortest period of time ever.


 and that sounds very unrealistic imo.

Just out of interest...   what is the mechanism, do you think, for that unrealism to take effect?


So at $70 there is a meeting of all investors world wide and they say “come on guys, this is getting silly, too many people are getting rich” ?

So they stop buying?  Does the ODL software suite have a sensor for “too many rich people” ?



At every point on the price chart the normal market forces apply...   and the only mechanism I can think of to support your view would be a growing “this is a bubble” perception.  But that comes very late in a cycle,   and it’s only when it’s already stratospheric.

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