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BTC is hitting $9300

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It’s a balance between demand and supply in a crazy manipulated market. Anybody claiming to know exactly why is talking BS.  So here I go, lol: - BTC down, alts down - BTC climbing, alt

Back from the grave 6 month ago. BTC is now 10k XRP 27c. Lol..

Funny that when xrp goes up it is due to utility and potential, when it is others then it is manipulation

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On 6/16/2019 at 4:57 AM, FreedomGundam said:

BTC is hitting $9300, where is XRP?

I remember back when BTC plunge to $3k and XRP going down to 30c also.

But, why BTC is climbing $9.3k, XRP stays in 40c?

Any idea?

The real question is why are most other alts up several hundred percent from recent lows while xrp is up maybe 30 or 40%. It’s annoying being in the red and watching other coins fly.

BUT, I remember this same sentiment in December 2017 and then boom. If Bitcoin hits $25k this time around, I’m betting XRP hits $4.50 around the same time.

When Bitcoin goes up, XRP will eventually feel the aftershock because Investors start looking for anything that has upside potential and FOMO kicks in hard.

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On 6/16/2019 at 9:54 PM, GoldenGoose said:

Maybe you're joking, and I missed an earlier discussion or something. Back when BTC was $1, your statement would have been true. If you buy a million dollars of it at $9,000 apiece (approximately 111 BTC), you make or lose a million dollars with every $9,000 move up or down. For every $1 move, you would have about $111.00 in unrealized gains/losses until you sell some/all of it. Put another way, Bilbo Baggins would have eleventy-one dollars at stake with each $1 move up or down.

this wallet has 151,000 bitcoins 

That's a current valuation of $1,414,870,000
Every $100 change in bitcoin price (which has happened today, up $100+) is $15million.


Here are a couple more whale wallets



Here's a wallet with 40,000 BTC that spent 2017 and 2018 moving 4k btc at a time.


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On ‎6‎/‎16‎/‎2019 at 6:11 AM, AlvaroXRP said:

Funny that when xrp goes up it is due to utility and potential, when it is others then it is manipulation

@Ripple-Stiltskin is actually probably right, if you just listen to what he's saying.  There isn't enough liquidity to be driving price moves based on utility yet.  So historically the alt coins have done nothing when BTC is rising but the news is nonexistent.  But the 2 times in XRP's history where every news site was flooded with crypto news and the public was going crazy, and every cab driver in NY was telling you what 'the next bitcoin would be, those were the times that alt coins, and XRP especially, exploded in price against BTC. 

Therefore, what @Ripple-Stiltskin is trying to tell you is that bitcoin typically rises first, then creates news and hype around crypto, then plateaus as the alts catch up, then everything drops when the hype is over.  Until XRP is adopted by banks per Ripple's business plan, that is likely going to continue being the pattern.

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Take a trip back to memory lane. November 28, 2017. BTC was 10k on its way to ATH and XRP was 0.28usd. We all know what happened to XRP shortly after. As many have pointed out, before real-world use creates enough demand to drive price, we’re tied to this. We shouldn’t get emotional about this, it’s the way things are. If you want to attempt to make some money here and there off of this, go ahead. Otherwise just HODL. 

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