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Not receiving the New Device Authorize eMail


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Yesterday I tried to log in to my GateHub acc after 2 years, I try to log in and I got a message stating that I should receive an eMail with a link to authorize my new device, sure why not, but the eMail is still to come... , please help... got some money there....

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You do know that Gatehub is currently being hacked and funds stolen? Be careful with emails coming from Gatehub as scammers are sending phishing emails now as well. Do not click on links or open attachments!

If you have confirmed that the email is really from Gatehub, then you need to head over to this thread where the matter is being discussed.

Act quickly.



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13 hours ago, WizzyY said:

I got the message that I will be receiving the Email to authorize, but I got no Email. ( forgot to say that I am using GateHub )

I also did not receive the confirmation emails. In the end, support changed my login email, so now I get them again. (and can login!) I do have a feeling this somehow connects to the hack. It has only been a few months since i did not receive these emails anymore...

To check your account, you do not need to login to Gatehub. use any ledger tool like Bithomp and see if there are any XRP left Hope you are lucky!

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