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Bradesco to launch blockchane /DLT banking

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4 hours ago, Drew said:

Cointelegraph: VP of Largest Brazilian Bank: Local Banks to Soon Introduce Unique Blockchain Platform.

More info tomorrow.

Brad +esco, LOL.


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3 hours ago, Archbob said:

They said its based on Hyperledger Fabric.

Bradesco is also one of the banks that Stellar says was going to develop a stablecoin on its protocol. We'll have to wait for the announcement tomorrow.

No, they are using the Hyperledger platform for their Identity project. I got the same impression at first, but if you read it closely you can make the discernment. This is the quote from the article above:



"The news comes on the heels of the recent report on Brazilian banks deploying a standardized blockchain identity solution co-developed by the country’s central bank, CIP, and global tech giant IBM."

"Based on the open source DLT Hyperledger Fabric, the identity solution will be reportedly integrated into the Brazilian Payment System and will be used by all banking and financial institutions across the country."

"Yesterday, Cointelegraph reported on leading cryptocurrency company Ripple’s launch of an office in Brazil with the wider aim to expand across Latin America."


Here is the article concerning the ID platform utilizing Hyperledger. 


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