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@HodorΒ wrote:

β€œDoes this mean they are now pursuing a more balanced strategy from regulatory risk standpoint, by the founding of a Swiss-based company for the same purpose?

Until Ripple issues a formal announcement, we can only speculate as to the precise purpose of their business filing;Β  I see it as a positive move, quite frankly, due to the US's inadequate approach for clear regulatory guidance for institutions that may opt to utilize digital assets.

It would not surprise me if this step was one of several that Ripple plans for a more international focus; Β many blockchain technology businesses have actually taken the dramatic step to relocate their legal headquarters in recent years to countries that are supportive of the new technology. Β  My hope is that the US - both legislatively and from an enforcement standpoint - decides to take a proactive approach to preserve US technology leadership.”

Love this...sort of.

Love that this is happening, agree that this is likely what’s happening and with the perceived logic behind it and - with the likely outcome of the action.

Hate the fact that it has to occur in this fashion but unfortunately the US seems to have a history ofΒ constantly needingΒ to have a fire lit under it’s a$$ to make a move. Not so much the populace but the politicians and those in the bureaucratic quagmire of government.

The beauty is, it will likely work.Β 

Thanks for keeping us informed Hodor! Appreciate the news from the noise.

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4 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

Thanks Hodor.Β  I have been out of the loop recently (6 days in Naples) and it is good that I can read your blog to keep in touch.

I was wondering!Β  Good to have you back & hope you enjoyed the travels.Β 

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