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Stolen xrp


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I just had my xrp stolen i searched bithomp and found the wallet address. Anyway somebody can help me get this back? This isnt fair. Its literally everything me and my wife invested. They were moved to a different address as well. Ill post that right in here.


The rsb wallet is mine. Please help. If anyone can help get my xrp back to me ill reward with some xrp thank you!




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Did you contact bithomp yet? Hopefully?

if you get them back please people get a ledger nano s it’s 56$ from the manufacturer.

only buy these from the manufacturer because someone can infect it with software to take your zeros.

im sorry your funds were stolen hopefully some others can be of more help.

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  • Pablo changed the title to Stolen xrp

Were these on a paper wallet, ledger or exchange?

You probably don't want to hear this now but a meaningful amount of xrp should (in my opinion) be spread across multiple address. I agree that this increases the chances of something happening but the chances that you still have xrp are almost inevitable as well.

3 nano's and commit all seeds to memory- fool proof system.

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