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STELLA – joint research project of the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan

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Results of experiments Several patterns of synchronised settlement have been tested with successful results, including settlement between DLT ledgers, between centralised ledgers and between a DLT ledger and a centralised ledger using ILP, a specification of the transfer protocol introduced in the Interledger whitepaper. Synchronised settlement without using ILP on DLT ledgers is also feasible, and therefore using ILP is not a necessary requirement for synchronised settlement. Nevertheless, ILP could facilitate the abstraction of different types of ledgers, and therefore could bring about the benefit of standardisation.


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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, tvde said:

RIPPL or XR would have been a better name than STELLA :)

Don't be daft, punk. 


I recommend skipping to 14:50. 

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