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Ripple acknowledges unreliable trading volume

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9 hours ago, princesultan said:


interesting... it also says they are decreasing their programmatic sales this quarter, maybe that’s why we’ve seen a bit of a price bump recently (less selling is occurring).

“At Ripple, we believe in proactive transparency.”

Another sign of a well lead company. Acknowledges mistakes of current performance and pivots to get out in front and correct it.  Frankness and candor. Good stuff. Exactly the type of corporate behavior one would look for if you were investing in or working for.

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In my openium this news are the next step after ''increaseing XRP liquidity and strengthen the overall health of XRP markets''
If we look at the XRP supply we're going closer to the 51% of supply by Ripple escrow.Unbenannt.thumb.png.191df7c5ea2cca950a534768db35f611.png

How many XRPs they want to distribute and where is the point of going into ''balance phase''. For me this looks like the next step in this direction. Great news :popcorn1:

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