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XRP address question Ledger


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so I just got a ledger nano s for the first time.. I'm thinking someone here will know the answer to this: does the receive address for the xrp wallet change with each transaction? I've tested my seed in bip39master and the first address the ledger gives me is m/44'/144'/0'/0/0. 

I'm asking because there are nightmare stories out there of people plugging in their ledger only to find that the initial address they were given is gone.. along with their xrp in many cases. Apologies if this is off-topic for this forum, just figured there'd be ledger nano owners here using the xrp ledger live app.  I've taken a note of m/44'/144'/0'/0/0, and I assume the seed plus that path is all i'd ever need to access my investment.

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Ledger devices do not create new addresses for each xrp transaction. 

However, it is possible for a user to create and manage multiple xrpl addresses on a single Ledger device. 

You need to save your seed words, as those never change. And are required to restore your device or manage keys from a new device. If you set a pin, you can change that at anytime. If you forgot your pin, the device can be reset and restored with the seed words. 

You aren't required to know your secret address. Which is the idea behind the Ledger wallet. 

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