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a few user reported their gatehub wallet been hacked and XRP sent to r9do2Ar8k64NxgLD6oJoywaxQhUS57Ck8k

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7 hours ago, Gnosticplayers said:

I didn’t steal from anyone or anything and never really wanted this to happen 

I respect your confession however, I understand the pressure coming from the conspirators and psychological damage you're facing from the theft It self

however showing proof to the community or at least a proof from Gatehub that they received the names of the conspirators and they're working with LEA's to solve the case. would add credibility to your claims

Thank you

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On June 1 we were made aware of a theft of 201,000 XRP (transaction F6E9E1385E11649A6C2F88723A821AF209B54030886539DCEF9DDD00E6446948) and immediately started investigation. It turned out that the acco

Hey all! We are aware of the matter and are looking into it. If anyone has any information please contact us at: security@gatehub.net   GateHub

Reminder: There is no direct evidence pointing to Gatehub being responsible even though it may appear as the most likely scenario right now. Just be careful about jumping to conclusions What you c

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Just now, Selective said:

I respect your confession however, I understand the pressure coming from the conspirators and psychological damage you're facing from the theft It self

however showing proof to the community or at least a proof from Gatehub that they received the names of the conspirators and they're working with LEA's to solve the case. would add credibility to your claims

Thank you

I'm one of the victims. 

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18 hours ago, LetHerRip said:

The GateHub DB has now been leaked on a forum full of hackers <removed>

Anyone with accounts on GateHub prepare your (‿ˠ‿) as a whole new bunch of hacker's have a go at your wallets and personal information. 

On the same forum this "confession" just showing up ....


New User



JoinedOct 2019



32 minutes ago

hello to all people

I'm writing this letter because I have to tell you the truth. There is currently a big misconception about me the real GnosticPlayers.
But to understand you must first find out the past. GnosticPlayers is not one person but two people behind the identity. Me that is writing this letter and GnosticPlayers1 who started this whole drama. To separate the two of us you can call me Gabriel and call GnosticPlayers1 for Nclay because it's our true identity. I have known Nclay since 2015 and have always admired his skills. We have been very good close friends for many years. We met several times in real life because we come from the same country and we have nothing secret to each other. We knew everything about each other and we trusted each other. Nclay was the mastermind behind all the hacks and executed them all on his own. But since this is all he knows he did not know what to do with the databases he hacked and how to brought money. It was my first idea was to sell it on the black market is when I first created the GnosticPlayers identity in the dream market. My idea was to sell databases that nclay was hacking. He was very happy and loved this idea. He didn't once say no to that as long as he got the money he wanted. Also at this time we joined Rawdata / DDB his real name Maxime Thalet and helped us sell databases and gave us new ideas. Everything was fine until Nclay broke through GateHub and stole $ 10 million. Since we always shared money for everything before then Nclay was generous enough and gave me and Maxime 1/3 of each. We've all received about $ 4 million each. But this is where the problem began. Nclay became very irresponsible with his share of money and spent everything to buy 3 luxury cars for himself and gave a lot of money to his friends for free. But they were all fake friends who were just friends with Nclay because he was rich and had money and was exploiting him for money. After buying his cars and giving the rest to his fake friend he had no money left. There he became greedy and began to regret his decision that he give Me and Maxim $ 3 million each. He began asking us to give back his money or ask if he could have back it to a large extent. Of course since he was a friend of ours we gave him $ 500,000 from both me and Maxime but he refused to accept the money because of his greed and said he was asking for half of it. He wanted us paid him back for $ 3 million. We did not accept that and at that moment was angry and began to blackmail and threat for me and Maxim. If we don't do what he wants and return the money he gave us as a pledge of friendship he will reveal our information to the public and **** our lives. We did not listen to him and ignored him because we thought he was deceiving and would not do such a stupid thing. Since Nclay really has something wrong in his brain he really did. As noted he has published all the databases for free and voluntarily distributed my and Maximes information. He presents Me and Maxime as the main actors behind his actions while in fact the only major role in this case is himself only and none else. He has published a lot of false and fake information that he was Gabriel but in real is actually me. He is posing as us using our information to get us in trouble as a revenge. He framed everyone except himself. He has also broadcast the names of many others who have played no part in the process or who have never been involved in anything simply to confuse people and spread false information. His words should not be reliable and honest. This is the truth and you can believe me or not. Everything else said by a sick liar is wrong and only tries to frame others.

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More Information



Hello. I will donate to the awesome forum some database, most of them are undisclosed. They are coming from a well known seller from there. His name is OmniKing. However, he is just taking financical profits from hackings he isn't involved in, with his partner who is manipulating me & all the others.
Rot in hell for what you did. At least others will enjoy. What you're selling will be given for free to RaidForums members.
The thread will be updated accordingly with new dumps?
Zynga for example.
Also for TechSmith and PopSugar directly ask ddb/rawdata, I lost them.
If you want FlipBoard (dumped after rawdata told my method to others), poshmark (dumped by Omniking), stockx (skillfully dumped by OmniKing & Mr. Fischer), TimeHop (Omniking), directly ask them because I don't have them.
For justice, ask me because if you don't delete this thread according to what people are telling mods to do, Zynga, Bitmax, Cryptaur, will be given to raidforums as a proof of redemption.
Enjoy Guys
PS: credit for justice by GnosticPlayers
Will update the thread with the other dumps

(4:01:37 PM) damian@jabber.ua: Will be funny when I leak Overblog, france database
(4:01:50 PM) damian@jabber.ua: when you say you dont think you can get arrested
(4:02:00 PM) damian@jabber.ua: Together with proof of same server IP from all your dumps
(4:02:06 PM) damian@jabber.ua: Have fun and good luck
Omniking threatening me because he can't support being wrong. Wait him to post my real informations.
Also, over-blog is there:
If there's any passwords for anything, they are either:
Fischer123 / W00t123!@# / X00t123!@# / Fisch123
The Fischer rar password is in respect for Maxime Fischer, a renowed hacker in France who didn't abuse other people:
"hacked by maxime fischer" - = google it to see
Oh ****, a french database... What does it mean ? I'll be arrested ???
Enjoy the fresh dump guys !
More to come
I don't give a ****. You took off my dignity so now you'll also pay, british pig.
You're just creating an account with this exact name.
You are omniking / caffreycorn / and adam davies who got arrested bcs of your hacking **** with Irishman protag knows you well.
In case this screen is deleted:
Shut up now and post my dox, you have better 2 do than complaining. Moron as hell, living rich without this dignity and justice and with people like you rich... Rather die.
No need to worry about them being leaked.
There's just some manipulative piece of **** like omniking and amiedsgyenough (same person) + ddb / Maxime / rawdata, selling them on my back.
When I dare doing it on Dream Market because I know what's going on, my name is exposed on haveibeenpwed.
No need for them to be smart enough if they're ****** today and never needed me... Then only me would have needed to be smarter.
But I never wanted to turn this way.
So, my point is as follows:
why do you still care about the trust & value of this hack ? It has been devilized by the mentioned trash, not worthy at all
outofreach@jabber.ua / Anyone may contact me here the same thing will be repeated ever & ever again from now on.
(7:46:23 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: I first offered him
(7:46:29 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: to just make a video of him apologizing
(7:46:40 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: but didn't require him to take off his clothes
(7:46:42 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: Unfortunately
(7:46:49 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: He didn't accept, I also asked him
(7:47:01 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: to assume the ***** he's always been his whole life
(7:47:04 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: with respect & dignity
(7:47:07 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: however he didn't
(7:47:13 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: And did the exact opposite
(7:47:16 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: One day after
(7:47:29 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: I gave him the same chance again, he had time
(7:47:34 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: to understand I wasn't kidding
(7:47:41 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: since I sent the bases to Mr. Hunt
(7:47:48 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: But he refused again
(7:47:55 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: so now how can you come at me again ??
(7:48:00 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: And say it's my fault
(7:48:13 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: his fault lol, because of him all of you are in the ****, even me
(7:48:42 PM) whackyideas25@jabber.ua: What strated all this ****
(7:48:48 PM) whackyideas25@jabber.ua: Apology for what
(7:49:29 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: it's ddb manipulating me
(7:49:37 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: in 2016-2017
(7:49:46 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: manipulating me and involving all of you
(7:50:03 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: He definitely started the **** first
(7:50:28 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: when we're stealing the profits off someone who didn't really car,e make him evil, blame him for the world's problem, and make millions on his back
(7:50:40 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: at least we understand each action comes with consequences
(7:50:51 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: When we don't even want
(7:50:53 PM) outofreach@jabber.ua/da25ce91-d4ab-4efd-9d4a-81f4d155d509: to admit the truth

That's it. Shame on you Maxime Thalet.
And shame on me giving a piece of **** like you the opportunity to ever realize your dreams. I don't call the behavior you showed "gratefulness".
So we could have earned much more. Personally you were right from my net worth. You know why ? Because you & photon obtained the rest from the gatehub hack. How ? Knowing I wouldn't care and abusing my kindness towards them.? I may face justice & be in prison but I'll bee free.. More than ever, more than in a world where a **** of your kind obtained what they've always dreamed and morally destroyed the real person behind the hacks. Always exposing him, always doxing him (troy hunt in february because they were angry).
No, no, no.
I can't accept it, you'll not run away.
If you manage to hide what happened from the public's eye, telling gatehub's victim I was wrong and convincing troy hunt not to release what I donated..
Then Maxime will have to apologize again from what he did, I want it naked while doing it. And right after Photon will forever have to worry again.
& Then I'll be able to convince the best I can do the gatehub victims, but also all the others.
I will try at least, I don't say the hacks should be excused or forgiven, even though I have been manipulated, I planned them, at the deepest end I became an evil crass cause of them.
But now time for all involved to pay
That's why I can't accept that, any more. Thanks for understanding.
With me they had the opportunity to accept and run away like the ***** they have always been. Refusing wll I hope, make them regrett what they did for the rest of their life.
Right after it's me who should be careful of my choices, but what a better evidence: I did the right thing for me, for the hacked victims & companies, & I hope they will understand how to serve justice and I wont be the only one facing cours.
(no need to worry tbh I know everything happened) . Just hope the UK will also do something for photon/amIedgyenough, because I can't think of anything right & just without him facing what hapened
Funny how my dox was removed off the forum.
Report that because it might lead police to a person who will have fun saying the whole truth


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On 10/25/2019 at 4:21 PM, yxxyun said:

suggest all the gatehub users set regular key and disable their account's master key. 


@yxxyun can you give some pointers as to what steps should be taken. I personally have some accounts on gatehub which I emptied a few months ago after the first hack. Now the zerps are safe on Ledger Nano S. But would be nice to be able to use the accounts again in the future.

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21 hours ago, cryptoxrp said:

@yxxyun can you give some pointers as to what steps should be taken. I personally have some accounts on gatehub which I emptied a few months ago after the first hack. Now the zerps are safe on Ledger Nano S. But would be nice to be able to use the accounts again in the future.

All steps have been explained earlier, but you will have to search this thread ;)

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