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a few user reported their gatehub wallet been hacked and XRP sent to r9do2Ar8k64NxgLD6oJoywaxQhUS57Ck8k

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On June 1 we were made aware of a theft of 201,000 XRP (transaction F6E9E1385E11649A6C2F88723A821AF209B54030886539DCEF9DDD00E6446948) and immediately started investigation. It turned out that the acco

Hey all! We are aware of the matter and are looking into it. If anyone has any information please contact us at: security@gatehub.net   GateHub

Reminder: There is no direct evidence pointing to Gatehub being responsible even though it may appear as the most likely scenario right now. Just be careful about jumping to conclusions What you c

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  • 4 weeks later...

I want justice to be served for me, but in this case people also need to know what really happened.

I am taking full technical responsability for the Gatehub Hack, and will defend myself the best way I can in court of law. I don't need to introduce myself. I have never been that so far.

Note that I'll strongly argue I have been manipulated doing a string of hacks for money, including gatehub, and it willnever explain or excuse the actions. But I hope it will be noted that I want to face justice, but I just can't accept other people taking all the profit ( my accomplice from my country took twice than me), and Omniking / AmIEdgyEnough, on my back, took the rest, just by manipluating and blackmailing me.

More people are involved. The attack was done by me and I'm fully aware of what I did, everything was planned, and oncxe again nothing should be excused. I could say a million times I'm sorry for the whole hacking problems, but I'm not and the best I can do now is to accept justice and face it. Only if others people involved, much more believe me, mischievous than me, because I'm choosing a worthy end, than me, will do.


All I can say now to the victims, to Enej, is "sorry". Gatehub is I believe at fault for not having a good enough opsec but they faced the music more than you think. All the victims will be refunded, court will decide. And I really hope not only me but the people really involved will face her as well. No need for them to be smarter, because without my technical skills gatehub would have been spared.

I'm once again so sorry, Enej knowsd I tried to escape identification & planned a plan to avoid being caught. I planned the hack and was made evil?. But I'll explain the whole story, how I see things in a court of law and fight for real justice to be served.

Gatehub has its user database from 2017 stolen from an AWS S3 backup and I used the tokens to dump the API keys & decrypt them with AES. I needed the secret key which is the bcrypted password. Someone stated it earlier & he was right.

A million times sorry, my actions will make peace to the whole world and the emoragy will be ended.

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Some might think this follow-up is not necessary. Once again, my responsability, involvment will be accepted and I will face what I think, I should face, and will explain more about the story. It is not unbelievable because of the technical skills required to hack gatehub, it was unbelievable because I know well the UK is taking the law seriously, and oppened numerous cases there related to the GateHub theft. After more than five month, the investigators still didn't arrest the person who took off the most off the 12 million USD (approximately, I stole much less in fact, they finished the work, the "ruthless part" is their work. My ruthless part is that I've sold my soul to the devil for too long, whether it is good to be sorry now is too late).

But believe it or not, I will keep most of the money from GateHub I still have ( 2 million$), and they'll be sent back to their rightful belongers when time will come. My accomplice living in my country got 4 million from the GateHub theft ad I hope he will have to face justice, that's why I am taking action now.

I am in no way asking pardon, I will do my best to fight ever again, to indeed proove how sorry I am, and I hope my acknowledgements there will speed-up the whole process of justice towards all of you guys.

(I am really sure it is helpful given how the UK reacted, nothing to say)

It is hard to believe & to buy for now. I planned the attacks and did some bad things. I bought cars. I got profits, and now saying that, I'm sorry, I have been manipulated, will be hard to be bought. I will nonetheless fight for it to be accepted by court, by surrendering myself I did I believe, the right thing.

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2 minutes ago, kanaas said:

If so than probably their xrpchat account has to be hacked as they've been using it in less suspicious times (since 2015)

I don't think the xrpchat acct has been hacked, I just think that some random user comes on and confesses and gatehub responds quickly, just sounds to convenient for gatehub.  Don't get me wrong, I hope to god that everyone that has been affected by this hack gets repaid and the thieves get caught.

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A hacker with the moniker Gnosticplayers was involved in high profile database dumps such as the Zynga hack. Basic OSINT brings very interesting results. If this is the real Gnosticplayers, then we could be looking at some interesting developments. Law enforcement should definitely check this out.

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