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Set up my Ripple account


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28 minutes ago, Ireland said:

Hi guys, am new to ripple. Just registered an account w gatehub. I desperately need help of 50xrp to activate my ripple wallet!! Thank you very much in advance!

My ripple address



Hi @Ireland, we just sent you 50 XRP.

50 XRP reserve is needed for the ripple wallet to be fully functional on the ripple network. You can learn more about it here: https://ripple.com/build/reserves/

PS.: Auto funding has been re-enabled.



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HI bsingh2547,

if you verify your phone number with Gatehub it should activate your wallet,

otherwise you can buy any cryptocurrency (bitstamp or coinbase allow to buy bitcoin with a credit card / wesellcrypto bitcoin with paypal ) and convert them to XRP (Poloniex, Shapeshift...) and deposit to your wallet (at least 20 XRP to activate your wallet).


You can also activate your wallet with paypal


Maybe someone will activate your wallet here.

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