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G20 Countries Start Implementing Unified Crypto Standards


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Sourced from @XRPcryptowolf



The G20 countries have reaffirmed their support for the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as the global standard-setting body in areas such as anti-money laundering. They have also agreed to follow the FATF recommendations including those concerning crypto assets."


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This is VERY good news indeed! Thanks @VanGogh :D 

"The host of the June G20 summit, Japan has been actively working on implementing global standards on crypto assets. Last week, the country’s House of Representatives passed a crypto bill with a number of required resolutions. According to Impress publication, one of them reads:

We have fully grasped the regulatory trends of G20 countries, and cooperated with each country to achieve international harmony.

In April, local media reported that the Japanese government is preparing to offer a handbook to the G20 countries to help them with their own crypto regulations. This matter will be discussed at the June summit along with a wide range of regulatory measures relating to crypto assets."

(bold emphasis is mine)

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