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How to move from "Ripple" app to new "XRP" app on Ledger Nano S?


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Hi all,


I just updated to the latest Ledger firmware. But in order to do this, I had to first delete the "Ripple" app from my device. 

So then after I successfully downloaded and installed the latest firmware version, I logged into the Ledger Live software and clicked on MANAGER, and then looked for the "Ripple" app to reinstall onto my device.  But it seems now that Ledger Live has since removed this "Ripple" app, and replaced it with an "XRP" app.

So I just installed the "XRP" app onto my device.

My question:

How do I now move my zerps from the now-defunct "Ripple" app over to the "XRP" app on my Ledger Nano S device? Especially, since now the "Ripple" app is no longer on my device! (but it is still showing my "Ripple Account" and my zerps in the ACCOUNTS section of Ledger Live)

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12 minutes ago, itcdominic said:

I think they are there automatically.....it housed the same secret key.....Mine were all in place after the new XRP app completed.

Ah, I think you are right... thank you for the clarification!!!

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7 minutes ago, xrphilosophy said:

I think it depends on what version of firmware you were updating from.  There are glitches if you had an older firmware which they are resolving forthcoming.  not sure if this answers your questions.



Thanks, I'm all set now!  Seems that the "XRP" app on Ledger Live automatically replaces the old "Ripple" app there, and the device responds accordingly.

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