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Hi All,

Long time lurker. First post.

I have been keeping an eye on LBA, Creds token for the last few months. There is very little discussion around LBA that i can find. The reddit sub is pretty much dead. Discord seems to be abandoned. No real interest on other crypto reddit subs. So i am trying my luck here in the hope for some good discussion and continued input.

If anyone doesn't know what CredEarn is here is a video they put out recently. It's pretty “salesy” but it will fill you in on the  basics. https://youtu.be/GOlKCFtpkoE . Over the last 3 months LBA has moved from $0.01 up to a high of $0.06 and is currently sitting at around $0.045. Its CMC ranking has moved from 400+ to 100+. So over all its had a pretty decent run of late.

There are 1 billion LBA in the total supply. Divide this by 10,000 which is the amount you need to stake for increased rates when lending and you get a total max of 100,000 users that can stake LBA for better rates. Obviously for  every user that holds multiples of 10k LBA that is that many users that will not have access to 10k LBA. Not to mention currently the circulating supply is 50% of the total. In reality it's possible that there may only be enough liquid supply for 10,000 users to have 10k LBA.

As the crypto market matures and hopefully the total market cap of all assets multiplies I think there will be an increase in demand from people looking to earn value off their assets while still holding the underlying asset. If we look at XRP the bonus interest you get currently for lending it via cred earn when staking 10k LBA is an additional 4% (9% instead of 5%). 10k LBA will cost you 450usd currently. Anyone staking $11250 or more for 12 months would make the cost of the 10k LBA back over the year so you would expect that to be a no brainer. I would imagine any one lending money to cred earn would expect LBA to hold its value so would probably buy 10k to stake providing it was not going to cost them a huge chunk of what they were going to lend.

Looking at some of Creds more recent announcements/updates it looks to me like it has some real potential.

Key points from the last few weeks.


  • You can now lend LBA for 10% earnings on cred earn via uphold providing you have staked 10k LBA. This has not been announced but has been live for the last few weeks. Previously the only utility LBA had was staking 10,000 LBA to get better rates when lending on cred earn. I think this is a pretty big advancement in the potential growth of the LBA price. Earning 10% interest, locking up that LBA from the market, and still being exposed to the price changes seems like a pretty good deal to me.
  • Today LBA was listed on global bithumb. This should add substantial daily volume and has the potential to bring a new set of holders into the mix. LBA is not listed on a lot of exchanges and normally has somewhere between 1.5mil to 3mil in daily volume. As of now LBA has volume of 600k in USDT on bithumb after 7 hours of trading. https://global.bithumb.pro/spot/trade;symbol=LBA_USDT
  • LBA has announced integrating its cred earn program with both TRON and Bitcoin.com. Currently i believe the only way to utilize cred earns program is with uphold. This could potentialy introduce two new large pools of funds and users  that are currently not able to use cred earn and as a result encourage the purchase and staking of LBA. Neither are live yet unless you want to lend 25k+ usd and then you can contact them to initiate the lending. https://www.mycred.io/tron https://www.mycred.io/bitcoin 


In 2018 Binance Labs invested in Cred. According to an announcement at the time this would allow users to lend BNB. I don’t believe this has gone live yet. It may not be going ahead however a recent tweet from Dan Schatt CEO of Cred would indicate there may be something still going on. If there is some form of integration between BNB and Cred earn this again could be a large number of users and funds that would be looking to hold LBA. Not to mention the possibility of LBA being listed on Binance which would be huge.




The current market cap of LBA is ~24m usd.

Some questions:

  • Has anyone on XrpChat used the cred earn program?
  • How risky do you feel cred earn is?
  • How does cred earn compare to other crypto lending programs?
  • Do you think it is worth grabbing 10k LBA now for a rainy day?


As you can tell i’m pretty positive on LBA. Not as much as i am XRP but i can see LBA doing well for itself in a prolonged bull run.

Thanks for reading and i hope you found it interesting. (I am known to waffle on!)

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As a potential depositor my problem with it is the time commitment and lock-up. 

I use one of the other lenders (Celsius) and when I look at their business model, which is hodlr friendly (and yet pays substantially less than CredEarn) it makes me wonder how sustainable CredEarn actually is. 

The other thing that is often touted, which is that CredEarn is insured, is something that you should scrutinize.. When I investigated it a couple of months back, I didn't come away with a strong sense that they truly had what I would consider an insurance policy, more an ASSURANCE by the management at that point. The situation might be different now.

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In general, I'm very big fan of crypto banking. I own a little NEXO and I'm about to start stacking CEL (as soon as the new Celsius app upgrade works, it isn't as of yesterday's pay-out). CEL has been locked up and the only way to get it easily now is to take advantage of the new CEL interest option on the Celsius Network.

I would expect LBA to continue to do well, as long as they can keep doing what they're doing and not stumble. If crypto banking is not THE killer app, it certainly stands to be one of them.

Most hodlrs are not tuned in to how enormous it is for cryptos to have started paying a return on deposits. It really is quite huge, and I'd say it's the most overlooked development in cryptos over the last year.

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Looks like LBA is going to be joining binance at some time. Announced today they will work together and migrate some of the LBA tokens on to the binance chain. I wonder how long it will take. I imagine technically its not that hard considering it's an erc20 and i assume they have moved erc20 coins on to the binance chain before.


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On 5/29/2019 at 10:33 PM, dr_ed said:

my problem with it is the time commitment and lock-up

Yes it would be a lot nicer if you didn't have to lock up funds for 6 months. However once the 6 months is up you can continue to opt in on a 3 monthly cycle. If you were to split your lending into 6 parcels every 2 weeks over 3 months then every fortnight you would have the option to access one 6th of your funds on lend. You only need to stake 10k LBA once and you can lend multiple times. I would imagine their business model requires/works better with a committed duration of funds. 


On 5/29/2019 at 10:33 PM, dr_ed said:

which is that CredEarn is insured, is something that you should scrutinize

I am not sure how their insurance works. They have insurance with bitgo as of march. But i don't know exactly what it covers or how.


Their site says "Cred has one of the most comprehensive insurance policies available on the market, including Cyber hacking, E&O and regulatory coverage. Cred works with Lockton, one of the world’s largest privately owned, independent insurance brokerage firms, and with some of the largest insurance underwriters in the world."


On 5/29/2019 at 10:47 PM, dr_ed said:

Most hodlrs are not tuned in to how enormous it is for cryptos to have started paying a return on deposits. It really is quite huge, and I'd say it's the most overlooked development in cryptos over the last year.

I agree. I wonder if the bottom will fall out of the payable interest rates when the want for interest bearing loans sky rockets. 10% is a great return considering you are still holding the underlying asset, i would  be shocked when we get back to a 1 trillion dollar market cap if xrp is still paying 10%.


Another MAJOR question i have is how exactly do they make profit and cover 10% interest and their costs?


current price :$0.043

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36 minutes ago, Mitty said:

As a side note dr_ed if you are a fan of "crypto banking" have you heard of xign? and what do you think if so?

That one is not on my radar. Thanks for the info. I will admit to have sort of stopped following LBA after I gave them a first look. The insurance info is not what I read back then. Sounds better now.

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14 minutes ago, Mitty said:

Another MAJOR question i have is how exactly do they make profit and cover 10% interest and their costs?

Yes, that is my biggest question. I can''t see how that can persist. Maybe I'm wrong.

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24hr Volume for global bithumb is at 3mil. Not bad. Although they are holding a trading comp to give away 900k LBA so i'm sure that is contributing to the volume greatly.


I'm surprised the market doesn't seem to care that LBA WILL be listed on binance at some point in the future. Under 5c and a market cap of sub 25mil. I have to imagine a future binance listing will blow these levels away.


current price :$0.047

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You're probably ahead of the crowd on this one. imho. I think it has to do with the market cycle and the fact that BTC and ETH and even XRP are moving ahead of the lesser known alt coins. They will have their day.

LBA will probably do just fine.You are doing the right kind of homework, imho. There are many decent coins that have not yet participated in this rally, but most of them will, eventually.

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Cred earn has updated its rates. XRP has dropped 4% from 9/7 % to 5/3 %

LBA is paying 10/3 %

staked10kLBA/no stake 


The have also added a note to say the 10k staked LBA is not eligible for interest.


They have also added BCH which is currently paying 10/8 the highest of all assets they allow. Probably will drop in a few weeks/months.

current price :$0.04

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A video from Dan Schatt. Doesn't contain a lot of new information. A date of  "by the end of June" for going live with bitcoin.com partnership. And a mention of new partnerships coming off the back of Consensus 2019 and Asia leadership conference, but nothing specific.


Also a new medium article regarding their insurance program. With the current GateHub debacle on going, it's refreshing to see LBA is taking security/insurance seriously. It is probably a long way off having your money in a bank backed by governments but as far as a crypto coin issuer is concerned i haven't seen much better. 

I would advise anyone that is interested in cred but has reservations regarding its safety to give it a read. I would love some feed back on this issue as its one of the biggest concerns when handing your crypto over to a third party.



current price :$0.038

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On the 12th of June Cred confirmed they will be launching the new platform for Bitcoin.com customers at the end of June. Roughly 2 weeks. I hope this adds some buying pressure. Will be interesting to see how this is tied in to i assume the bitcoin.com website.

On the 11th of June a new video update (weekly) came out. Not a huge amount of info. Mention of added benefits of staking LBA was being able to withdraw early with out penalties (what exactly this means we don't know) and being able to be paid out interest in LBA. There was also a twitter response stating that they are looking at paying out interest in the token that was lent in the future. I think this is great as it would simplify tax. Being paid out interest in usd currently is a taxable event. Where as i believe being paid out in a crytpo currency is not a taxable event until its sold, at that point its taxable with a 0 cost base (This is not financial advice).  


Price has gone up over the last week and we are back in the 100s on CMC. How long until we are in the top 100? 

current price :$0.055

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Looks like cred earn has dropped its rates for XRP again.

currently on 3.5% with 10k LBA staked and 2% with out the LBA.

At that rate i don't think its worth the risk. I wonder what the driver for the rate changes/setting is?















current price :$0.054

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