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Why XRP will NOT succeed


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2 minutes ago, Joeymc13 said:

I read the first 10 pages of this thread, and it boggles my mind that it continues...

im 100% complete newb/noob, whatever you wanna call me, so here is my point of view:

Anton wants lower xrp fee to create an address, $8 is too expensive - well, I pay MUCH more than that in monthly banking fees for my business and personal banking accounts, as well as fees with credit cards, etc... I’m okay with $8, one time.

 What about when price of xrp increases? - Well, it’s been said MULTIPLE times that the reserve can be lowered once voted upon by Validators.

 validators make money off the reserve? - Looks like it’s been answered clearly that validators make zero profit off of the 20 xrp  

It seems as if the OP’s questions have been answered several times by many different members. Why does this thread continue to go on!?

The Question is answered multiple times. OP is currently just trolling. Please close this. 

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5 hours ago, Anton said:

Many people like to predict 5 dollar XRP or even 10 dollar XRP. But this people will NEVER tell you the truth. 
It cost you 20 XRP to create an account and back in 2015 2016 2017 it costed between 15-20 cent to create an account.. And now its costing 8+ dollar.

IF XRP goes up to 5 dollars.. This means 20XRP x 5Dollar = 100 dollar for an account.
And every time you need to create an new account, its going to take another 20XRP for that other account.. Ledger/exchange/Coinbase  (will need new accounts).

What about 10 dollar XRP or 50 dollars ?? How much will the account cost then, 200 dollars !?!?!?!

XRP noobs answer.. The cost of an XRP account is 20XRP and thats because they don't want spam on their network. 
But back in the days they where avoiding the spam with 15-20 cent XRP accounts, why can't they do the same thing again?

And no one is calling this out... instead everyone is shilling XRP without even understanding it. 

Lets all talk about this FLAW before we let our friends and families buy XRP. 

Because i had the same problem.. My friends spent 50 dollars on xrp and lost 8 dollars x 2 and he is already calling it a scam for taking 16 dollars to create accounts.. 

I've also have had problems sending my XRP from my ledger wallet.. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work.
''True future bank coin'' that works only when they say so.

The more XRP on your wallet... the more problems their is on your wallet (Remember what i said)

Im new to the Crypto World and Crypto trading

Ill admit so far Ive only opened 1 account and it did not cost me anywhere near 20xrp

The Exchange takes margin 1% on my purchases and I expect they'll do the same when I sell

If an exchange is charging you Crypto to open accounts Like all businesses they adjust there pricing to match the increased value of the currency they are dealing with

Or have I missed something which I need to learn

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4 hours ago, Anton said:

None of you have answered.. most of you have attacked me. 
Why haven't we fixed the cost of 20 xrp yet?? who is enjoying the 20 xrp ACCOUNT payment? #TRUSTED VALIDATORS !!

Ask yourself why none of them want to help me.. and why all of them want to attack me ?

 We use to pay 15 cent for an account.. and now its 8 dollars for every account. 
Coinbase is one
Ledger is one
Exchange is one

60 xrp for 3 account lol.
Why are we not fixing it? 

Why are we attacking the guy who puts attention to this FLAWS??? 



I am not ******** on XRP.. i want this flaw fixed but it seems everyone is liking to pay 20 xrp for an account.. but it seems this people also work for XRP/Ripple.
And they DON'T want it fixed


Hey @nikb could you please chime in on this issue from this member, please

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Changing the Reserve Requirements

The XRP Ledger has a mechanism to adjust the reserve requirements for long-term changes in the value of XRP. Any changes have to be approved by the consensus process. See Fee Voting for more information. 

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