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Why XRP will NOT succeed


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32 minutes ago, Anton said:


Laugh all you'd like my friend. It's interesting since you were berating people for treating you the same. Some would call that hypocritical. Either way, it has been said numerous times that the validators can vote to amend that specific code requirement which will most likely be done in the semi-near future. This is not a reason for XRP to fail. It's a simple code base change once it becomes a concern. The good part is that many companies on RippleNet are also hosting validators so they'll vote on the amendment when it becomes a financial concern for them. All in good time.

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3 minutes ago, stvv said:


Dude seriously... 




Time to end this discussion




why are bothering so much ? Why do you like people paying 8 dollars ? WHY WHY WHY??? Why do you attack me? I want it to be like it was and you don't why?

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5 minutes ago, OzAlphaWolf said:

i'm a bit skarred by all the accounts. They keep ghosting on me. Well, I guess my problems are dwarfed by others.

So you know i sold 83k xrp.. nice :) 
Whats you problem, really?


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Just now, xrphilosophy said:

And needing attention.  We have this saying- some people live in a perpetual hurtbox.  Look into this please sir?

Are you bored or something? i don't need new friends :) but thanks for you comments.

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