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Why XRP will NOT succeed

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You are so clueless.

Hi. Many people like to predict 5 dollar XRP or even 10 dollar XRP. But this people will NEVER tell you the truth.  It cost you 20 XRP to create an account and back in 2015 2016 2017 it costed betwe

Calling other users noobs while actually being a clueless noob yourself is not the best way to start a dialog to improve your knowledge. Here are the two things you need to know: 1. the acco

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3 minutes ago, Anton said:

DUDE i am in XRP
I hold a lot of XRP 

And every time i have new people join XRP community, i get the same question. 
Hey what happened to the 20 xrp.. and then again and again. And thats 8 dollars over n over again. 

1-2 dollar account sound fair too YOU KNOW :D 

$250 iPhones 'sounds fair' too, then definitely 'everyone can get one'... Unfortunately, it isn't. If you (not you personally, but the general you) don't like this price, nobody is forcing you to get an account/buy an iPhone/... There are plenty of other coins available. People are free to explore those if they deem $8 too much.

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