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She is a good entrepreneur too. She still books other jazz acts here in Austin, her home town. My one kid (of four)who got the money gene. From her mother, maybe. Not sure where the music talent comes from. It apparently skips generations. Allow me to act like a proud father. Her book is almost all standards. I'm a great fan of Hoagy Carmicheal.  Enjoy.




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She's my youngest, but actually 28 now and sporting a brand new Masters from Queens College of Music. Hard to find a gig now in NYC,  but she is playing the Red Room this next week, for anyone local to NYC. I expect she will be performing more now that grad school is behind her.  Austin's loss is NY's gain. 


Con permiso,  here's one more for the road. This is Karen backing up rapper Sean Millions. There used to be video on tube that was shot in Austin. Not sure what happened with that, but here's the audio.  Rated R for language.


Thanks very much for the nice words. I'll shut up now and return you to your regularly scheduled Hodor.

Forgive me for going OT. I do that a lot, I know. I'll delete this if it bothers Hodor or anybody else around here.

My son and his wife are visual artists (in Chicago).  They need to do some serious monetizing too. Can Coil help with that, Hodor?

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Thank you.

I gave her the info on Coil. I truly hope she will try it.  She assured me that she would. I hope to report back.

Also thinking about using Coil for my own humble crypto blog, which has been homeless and neglected for a few weeks now. I won't charge anything, of course, for my rants. 

We're sort of a Lake Wobegon family. The women are strong, the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.

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Thanks @Hodor.

This has a huge potential for rewarding those who do the work of creating music and other media. It seems to be capable of providing a much shorter on ramp for artists who may otherwise be rejected, delayed or re-vectored incorrectly or unscrupulously by so-called experts. 

And it may blossom relatively quickly in the absence of requiring regulatory clarity. I hope it pans out as well as it appears to me that it may.

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