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XRapid CLICKBAIT CLAIM?? Ripple Pushes Its XRP-Powered xRapid Solution to Argentina and Brazil

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Can this really be taken as an announcement?  I think it comes from that Swiss seminar organised by the IMF?


Ripple Pushes Its XRP-Powered xRapid Solution to Argentina and Brazil





Ripple and XRP

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says the company’s XRP-powered cross-border payment solution xRapid is up and running in both Argentina and Brazil.

Garlinghouse, who has a history being the first to announce key developments at Ripple, revealed the new corridors in response to a question on xRapid at the Swiss National Bank’s recent conference on the international monetary system.

“People are getting liquidity that exists in the marketplace in local regions between XRP and the Philippine peso, XRP and the Argentine peso, XRP and the Brazilian real. And it’s tapping into that liquidity that exists in the marketplace.”

So far, Ripple has publicly touted xRapid adoption in Mexico and the Philippines, with companies such as Mercury FX powering payments between the two countries.



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Posted (edited)

Source 1

Source 2 : https://www.diariobitcoin.com/index.php/2019/05/20/la-solucion-de-pagos-de-ripple-xrapid-llega-a-argentina-y-brasil/

Translated from the article:

XRP close to mass adoption

Now, after a new wave of expansion of the xRapid product, there are even more real reasons to believe that XRP is rapidly approaching mass adoption.

In Latin America, Argentina and Brazil are among the main countries that are rapidly adopting cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. So entering two of the largest markets in the subcontinent can already be considered a very successful advance of the company.

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