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XRP disappeared from Toast wallet.


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I recently just replaced my phone and had to re-download all my apps. My Toast Wallet wanted the recovery phrase/back up. I recovered my app, put in my PIN and all my XRP is missing, nothing in transaction history. Just gone. My recovery and back ups were stored securely. I know I wasn’t hacked, very disappointed. @ToastWallet

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22 hours ago, ONDcustoms said:

nothing in transaction history

That suggests your re-installed app is displaying a different address No indication that you've been hacked. You could try your recovery phrase in other software that uses the same format, to see if you get the same XRPL address. Download the page from one or both of the two links below, and then experiment on a computer that's disconnected from the internet (and for maximum security, switch off the computer afterwards).

The second tool will generate multiple addresses, but I guess you would expect the one at the top of the list to match toast's.

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1 hour ago, ONDcustoms said:

Thanks for the help I’ll give it a try. 

Go to the exchange that you bought the xrp from.  Get the wallet address (starts with ‘r’ ) from that withdrawal transaction and plug that into https://bithomp.com/explorer/ 

If the last transaction listed is that withdrawal then all is well.  Just a matter of getting the wallet software pointing to the correct address.

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