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Panel with Saskia Devolder of swift and Marjan Delatinne of Ripple

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Gosh Amazing yesterday we were watching a seminar where Brad was invited to represent Fintech at a conference organised by the IMF of central bankers in Switzerland.  Today Marjan (Ripple, ex SWIFT) moderates a panel with SWIFT as a her guest about the building of digital intant payments and settlements in the EU.    SWIFT and Ripple seem to be working pretty closely together for this to be allowed to happen?

for those that do not know this is Marjan's linked in profile:




Global Head of Banking Ripple

January 2018 – Present 1 year 5 months

London, United Kingdom

Sales Director Europe Ripple

April 2017 – Present 2 years 2 months

London, United Kingdom

Excited to join Ripple and its talented team!!!
Look forward to further expanding Ripple's growing global network where banks around the world are utilizing for cross-border payments. By combining the messaging rail with the real-time settlement of a payment transaction, Ripple enables banks to create a better user experience for their customers that hasn’t been possible before.

Business Director, SWIFT gpi SWIFT

November 2015 – December 2016 1 year 2 months


Market & Initiatives
Lead EMEA customer engagment and commercialisation for SWIFT gpi


Head of Business Development, Securities Market initiatives , Target 2 Securities

January 2007 – June 2014 7 years 6 months


Business development in the Securities industry from Post Trade until Asset Servicing.
Commercialisation of major industry programs in the securities space
(e.g. Euroclear CCI program, LCH.Clearnet CMA: Competitive Member Access).
Develop, coordinate and implement EMEA 2010-2015 Clearing and Settlement business strategy.
Lead the commercialisation of SWIFT’s value proposition for Target 2 Securities (T2S) to
Direct Connected Participants (DCPs), comprising major Financial Institutions, Central
Securities Depositories and National Central Banks .


Senior Sales and Relationship Manager


January 1997 – January 2007 10 years 1 month


Responsible for a portfolio of securities assets, comprising over 60 clients including major financial
institutions, government agencies and family offices
Selling financial products and services ranging from Triparty Repo and derivatives to
securities lending and borrowing, funds and money market investments.

Business Manager

BNY Mellon

July 1995 – December 1996 1 year 6 months


Account managment + tax operations


Marjan starts explaining blockchain at 13.50

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