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XRP/ILP based social media platform?


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I’ve been looking at Facebook alternatives. The architecture I like most so far is memo.cash , which stores profiles, posts, likes, and so on in the OP_RETURN code of the BCH blockchain.

It’s kind of a square peg in a round hole, though, because OP_RETURN really wasn’t designed for storing arbitrary data in the blockchain.

Is there such an ability in ILP? Has anyone mooted — or even implemented — such a project already?

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while i dont think a good application is as a social media platform per say, i have always thought that there's an application for the XRP ledger, specifically trust lines, in a kind of 'admin rights' trust network of sorts, e.g. if you run a complex website/forum/etc and need to give database or access permissions, but want to control it all via some kind of consensus layer apart from the web/data layer

trust can be set 1/0 but also assigned a 'weighting' using an arbitrary "coin" that could be issued by the main administrator, then distributed to others within a trustline network in a way that sort of mirrors the old LETs system of community credit/debt for small tasks and favours (in this case, web roles)

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What you mentioned is not exactly a social network; we need to start with that. If you want an alternative from the point of code, I can't offer you anything here since I haven't looked at updates in the Facebook program for a long time. After all, the code itself changes with each new update, and you need to monitor this to see the change. I can also advise you to pay attention to the TikTok code, as there are many similar points, although they are completely different platforms at first glance. I recently used the services of  www.tikfreefollowers.com to increase your subscribers and observe how this will be reflected in the application code. It turned out very interesting, so you can also experiment

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