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Kava Labs is Developing Ripple's XRP Collaterised Stablecoin


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1 hour ago, yxxyun said:


Well, it's built on Tendermint Cosmos, I wonder why not on XRP ledger?

Try here instead 


Or here. This might help to better understand their reasoning for using Tendermint. 


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57 minutes ago, LiquidGoat said:

I mean this is awesome right? If they print 3 billion usdx then they will need to hold the same value XRP as collateral right?


we need a usdx printing press if that’s true.

If we have xrp can we participate in the POS? That might be interesting. 

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very interesting concept... just broke my brain trying to visualize how this works


The stablecoin is pegged to a USD and collaterised with Ripple’s XRP.

The USDX appears like the MakerDao, however, it is built on Cosmos, a new blockchain protocol that makes use of Tendermint BFT for consensus. It also has a hub-and-spoke model of cross-blockchain interoperability that emphasizes composability and self-sovereignty of application specific blockchains.

that's some massively complex financial shenanigans

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On 5/17/2019 at 5:04 AM, Guest said:

Looks like that github link is no longer active.

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