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XRPredict.com - PREDICT 2 WIN or PREDICT 4 FUN - Target: $0.66

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On 14 May at 06:05am XRP value in USD passed the $0.40 mark.

One luck winner won the XRPredict wallet contents and another won a free coupon to enter PREDICT 2 WIN with XRPredict paying the $2.00 work of XRP on their behalf.

We would like it if you would visit XRPredict.com and have a go at predicting the next target for free or how about contributing for the change to win the wallet?

The new target is $0.66.

Hope to see you guys there soon...

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1 hour ago, eXRPe said:

Any comments on the website itself would be much appreciated also.

I feel like I've seen it before.  In fact, I feel like this is maybe your 2nd or even 3rd iteration of some kind of "price derivative" market dressed up as a "game" site.

I also feel like I've looked at your sites before and had the thought "guy's good at ripping off UI's and re-purposing them, but needs a partner w/business sense."

Hope that helps.  Personally, I'd delete all of your posts, if it were up to me.  Good luck to you.

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Thanks for your response. Appreciate you taking the time to review it. I’m pleased that you think the site is a good UI. In fact the site is not a rip off, we had the idea of and helped create the XRP-info plugin with Jens. If you could show me from where the idea was copied, I’d love to see!

Yes perhaps you are right in that I may have launched this incorrectly; in that the project was incomplete and needed refining. As you can see from the posts on XRPChat; that’s been a positive growth. It’s only a nonprofit project, not a business therefore I don’t see your point of requiring business sense. 

Deleting posts would remove the transparency just like removing the fact it’s based on the immutable XRPL. 

Thanks for your comment though. Each to their own. 👍

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