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21 minutes ago, Moonraker said:

Personally I don't feel I've ever been rude to anyone - I've just expressed my opinion or disagreed with certain posts.

Look, all I'm saying is I don't think a price increase of a few cents warrants hundreds of pages of gifs that's all.  Save them for when the price reaches $1 otherwise there'll be none left to post!

I'll also explain the reason for why I personally don't think the price will reach an ATH for a good few years at the very least.

I believe the bull run in December 2017 was a complete one off freak incident that we'll not see the likes of again.  A price increase of this calibre cannot be sustained in such a short period of time, hence the reason we had a huge drop to reality. 

A price increase to $3.50 on a natural incline would take around 5 years IMO.  I believe the price will get there again but only in a very slow, steady and natural increase.  

You are of course allowed your own opinion, even if that is perceived as being negative. You have all the right to be carefull with huge price predictions. But that doesnt mean you should out them all the time inside a club where the general sentiment is very joyfull and besides from the crazy gif posts, contains lots of posts with analyses of how crypto price action behaves and why it is very much possible to see big gains again. 

It feels like you kinda disagree with anyone positive or who shares positive news/analyses just because you got burnt during the spike when fomo was all around the Zerpening, and that you maybe hold a grudge and blame the Zerpening on your losses. You are either pessimistic or kinda rude inside the club, and often ridicule it in the main forums. 

Again: this is how I perceive you judging from your posting history and that is just not a ‘nice’ guy to have inside the Zerpening. But reading your later posts in here makes me see there is also a good side in you that is not just sour but tries to stay carefull and just want to warn people for fomo. 

My advice to you: adjust your attitude from being sour and picky to a more nuanced version. Just like you dont like ‘moonboys’, the Zerpening doesnt like people that are sour and extremely pessimistic all the time. 

Even more negative opinions are welcome but just try to bring them as a positive contribution to the forum. I hope you get what I mean. 

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I booted you from the Zerpening. It’s been said in this thread but my reasons for kicking were twofold:

1) In the General Forum you complained that the Zerpening was creating 100’s of pages of gifs over a 10c price increase; and

2) When you were confronted about that comment in the Zerpening you became, in my opinion, overly aggressive. 

You have every right to hold the views you do. You should never be criticised for them. However, you have a strong history of criticising the Zerpening in the General Forums and creating divisions in the Zerpening Club itself.

The Zerpening thread was created by @RegalChicken right at the start of the Dec 2017 bull run. It was perfectly timed. It quickly became the fun place to chat to fellow members about XRP. Yes we sh1tpost often and post hundreds of pages of gifs but that’s exactly what the Zerpening is for. We share some quality posts too but it is a safe place from all the FUD that we often see in the General forums.

After a few iterations, the Zerpening became a Club so that you had to actively want to join it if you wanted in and conversely you could be kicked out of by a mod if you didn’t fit the Zerpening culture.

I think it is self evident just by your comments in this very thread that you don’t fit the Zerpening culture. You complain often about the very facets of the Zerpening Club that are the pillars of why it was created. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t want in to only pick and choose the content you agree with. As I said you are very much entitled to your opinion and for the right to express it. You can do that openly in the General forums or through many Discord or Telegram groups or on Twitter. However, if you want to be part of the Zerpening Club you have to share the same value and beliefs that the members of the Club do. Respectfully, I don’t believe you do.

I won’t be a dictator though as you have apologised (although with conditions) so I will gauge the members views in the Zerpening (by referring them to this thread) to see if they thing you should be let back in. This is only fair.


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10 hours ago, Moonraker said:

Save them for when the price reaches $1 otherwise there'll be none left to post!











That's only a sample of what we have for 1c rises.... The one to 1$ are huge .... adn we have some stored until 100$ rises.... 



If (when) we get to 1000$ raises, we will post our personal space ships....


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Hi @Moonraker I think what you are missing is that the quality posts that you so enjoy in the zerpening  is because the people who research xrp, do so because they are passionate. That passion means they are very positive towards xrp, why would you work so hard to research something you're mildly interested in. 

It can be tiresome to constantly read and correct misinformed negative posts when the response is, you're just a fanboy.

The zerpening went private only because a few people posted lots of posts criticizing the positivity. Just like you did. You can't have it both ways. You want the passionate to research but don't want them to post passionately. 

I do not partake in the gifs. some of which I find amusing. Others I curse for making me scroll so much. But I wouldn't change the club because the passion is what makes it. 

I have never seen a ban for an expression of an opinion. An attack of another's opinion yes. An attack on people criticizing positivity yes.  And in all those cases sustained posts creating a theme. 

I for one will vote for you to rejoin. The old saying is don't bite the hand that feeds you. In this case you're being fed quality posts and some junk food  I will not vote yes a second time

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18 hours ago, Tinyaccount said:

Which is why it’s odd that you want to be in the Zerpening...  that’s exactly what it is for.  A place to celebrate our shared delusion that xrp will become the Standard and dwarf all other coins.

Seriously mate...   that stuff I bolded in your quote (that you don’t like) is exactly what we do in there...  why would you ever want to go there then?

The only reason that I can imagine is that you feel a crusaders urge to go and spread the mighty message of dismalism to the ignorant savages who dwell in Zerpening.land.

Well you know full well that message is not welcome there... so why are your knickers in such a twist about that?

On a different note...  I personally do not think any modding should ever be done without explanation to the recipient...  but I’m not a mod so that’s just my opinion.


18 hours ago, Flintstone said:

@Moonraker What you don’t like about the Zerpening is on topic. The good info is off topic and as a result - spam. @ecent and @meatgrinder are big spammers of the Zerpening!

OOL @ecent is most master of spam. 

17 hours ago, Moonraker said:

It's completely pointless talking about Lamborghinis and mansions when the price is what it is now. I've said it before and I'll say it again  - we won't see a new ATH for at least 6 - 7 years. This isn't me being pessimistic or negative, it's being realistic.

Plus there is a lot more to the Zerpening than just gifs. 

Literally spent two hours last night talking to the guys about what we will do with triple and quadruple digit xrp prices. Most of us plan to start a country. 

15 hours ago, Moonraker said:

Anyone can post a gif but timing is everything and can be appreciated more.



This is the type of material that would have been more appropriate in the zerpening. I'm going to have to just save this one to post in your honor.

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10 hours ago, RegalChicken said:

This is the type of material that would have been more appropriate in the zerpening. I'm going to have to just save this one to post in your honor.

That gif is the gif of all gifs you've gotta admit eh? As a result, i deem it as copyrighted - but I'll allow you to use it in my honor 🤣

Edited by Moonraker

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5 hours ago, Finesse said:

im not even a member and i vote to not let him back in. Dude doesnt think xrp will reach 3.50$ for 5 years. Clearly delusional and salty.

First of all nobody cares what you think as you've made zero contribution since joining the forum in 2017.

 Secondly, it seems YOU are the one that is salty because of my thoughts and opinions...

Edited by Moonraker

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