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20 minutes ago, Maeglin444 said:

With XRP being up 20% in the last 24 hours, it is surprisingly quite in here.  Thought there would be more talk about what caused a 20% pump.  Anyone have any ideas ?

So...you have BTC that more than doubled off its December low while XRP did nothing at all but bounce around in that .29-.30 channel for months. It's just been beaten down in comparison..and as BTC continued fo rise, it started to make many alts (not just XRP) look extremely undervalued. 

The analogy is that BTC pulls the alts up, but it's like a rubber band that stretches and stretches, and then finally they spring back up......and sometimes it's a lot. There are some other alts that are drawing similar charts...like TRX and VET...they just didn't pop as hard. Not yet anyway.

I don't buy that it's some secret news we don't know yet. It's a normal (albeit good) market driven move that is not totally unexpected.

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9 minutes ago, Moonraker said:

You need to join the Zerpening club. There are around 100 pages of Gifs and people getting all excited because the price went up by a mere 10 cents. 

It won't be long before we drop down to 0.30 again.

What are your thoughts on the very real, albeit currently low XRapid volume that is steadily growing?  A few customers in a few corridors are USING XRP in their payment flows and every day more and more liquidity is building!  I think we will see a lot of speculative volatility until xrp is used massively in payment flows though which is fine and doesn't really matter if you are a long-term investor.  I do think though that a big increase in this utility driven demand will happen sooner than many expect, perhaps later this Summer and into Fall which is a total game changer.  I'm convinced at this point that XRP is an incredible long-term investment.  

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16 minutes ago, XRPHdlr said:

I'm sure in a few days we'll be seeing -20% :(

Ripple Fomo is akin to a small group of children playing in the forests of california with a magnifying glass.  They go up on a friday for the weekend, burn some ants, have a blast, then travel home on Sunday.  Early Wednesday morning they catch the front page of the local newspaper and see "California hills ablaze in Flames!"

I would not be surprised to see us shoot up to .55, normally we see some late trailing fomo kick us up another 20-25%.  

I also would not be surprised to see us down 20%, it's the beauty of this market, everyday is a adventure.  



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