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XRP to 1.4$ by May 29th

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2 hours ago, dontsellmeadog said:

well.. there is a guess... then there is an educated guess.   Even people that aren't buying based on any TA are still buying on what they guess will happen, and if it is people buying to hold... they still are guessing it will be going up beyond their price otherwise they wouldn't be buying just yet.   Take the same 500 people and half just guess with no reason to it, half with an educated guess based on TA... I am guessing the second half wins more than half the time of the first. 

Great. I guess I’m not that educated. I bought early. It went up. I sold some. I held some. I would consider myself in the “strictly guess” category. I could probably understand TA and increase my chances of making more gains, but not really that interested. If it “moons” I’ll be happy. Take my profits and run. If it tanks, I’ll be a bit bummed, but not really since I don’t do much but check on it periodically.

I do however like reading this forum. Lots of brainpower, emotions, happiness and pain going on in here.

If anything, I want the price to go up so everyone in here can stop being so sensitive lmao. And of course so I can buy my lambo. Xrp $589!

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