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XRP to 1.4$ by May 29th

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4 hours ago, Archbob said:

What if you take away the top 10 days and the worst ten days? Goes the other day around as well. You could save yourself from the worst days.

Your "10 worst days" assumes an asset's price never goes up in an overall trend through the years.  If that was the case, then it's not worth holding that asset for the longer term anyway.  Why would anyone hold Amazon or Apple stocks if the 10 worst days cancel out the 10 best days? In reality, that doesn't happen to successful assets.  If the 10 best days generall outperform the 10 worst days, the best a non-skilled trader can do is simply hold through the years...take profits when they're there and reinvest those profits on dips (or just keep the profit).  Keep it simple.  They key is to research thoroughly and make informed decisions of what to buy into in the first place, then hold patiently (should you not have the skills and psychological fortitude to day successfully day trade, which applies to the vast majority of people).


Fact is, if you day trade successfully the days in the middle, you can make several hundred percent even thousands of percent and you don't even have to be exact. And you don't suffer nearly as much on the way down like the Hodlers do.

"What if we had the skills of 5% of day traders who consistently make profits?"

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1,40 would double my investment, so bring it on! But on the other hand, to raise the value, alot people would need to buy

xrp, but xrp is like a coma patient, it's there and alive but it doesn't move or going anywere, so why would someone

invest in a plant?

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20 hours ago, Ripple-Stiltskin said:

Like a boiler ( lol) crypto gently warms up 95% of the time, to give boiling ( lol) warm water the other 5%, with runs of 200% to even 1200 %. ( that is: until now, no garantee for the future though). 

We’ve had 3 fabulous runs in 2017 and 2 decent ones ( 250%) in 2018. ( july and sept).  So it comes down to timing and choice of asset, but even in 2018 there was plenty money to be made.

So no: it doesn’t grow organically: it stays boringly put 95% of the time, no use  complaining, its like Disney World: a 2 minute roller coaster ride after hours of waiting in line. 

So yes: from $ 0.30 to $ 1.46 in 2 weeks is more than possible, it happened before and even faster : from $ 0.25 to $ 3 in less than 3 weeks. 

It’s possible. It’s also possible that it goes to $4.00 tomorrow. But possible and probable are two totally different things. Hope and reality are as well.

not saying we can’t go parabolic. Just saying that there has been parabolic activity right around the corner for over a year....

And we are still at .32 cents. When (If) xrp increases, I believe it will be a slow climb over months and years. With many corrections. That’s the best case. Worst case is the tech becomes stale and buyers lose interest. Tech isn’t art, or classic cars. It can’t stay the same and increase in value. If it doesn’t catch immediately upon release or shortly thereafter, it usually dies out. 

Not trying to be a downer, or spread FUD, just my honest opinion.

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5 minutes ago, CryptoBoiler said:

And we are still at .32 cents. When (If) xrp increases, I believe it will be a slow climb over months and years. With many corrections. That’s the best case. Worst case is the tech becomes stale and buyers lose interest

I agree with the worst case scenario, but disagree on the best case. The latter would be 95% of the time nothing, to burst several 100% in a matter of weeks, like the historical pattern shows. In the middle there’s the slow growth with many corrections scenario. 

Anyway : “ believing” isn’t a very scientific way to calculate probabilities, that goes for both of us. 

Nice to read is:


All we have is the past, which we can extrapolate into the future and if not applicable then we just have to throw the dice.

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