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The Medical Billing Highway Concept (Looking for Guidance or Collaboration)

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Oh, I missed this.  This is great.  Glad to have her on my radar.  Treatment decisions made on a collective basis - and by a SF Fed Reserve clown who ran an EHR company.  SUPER!  Except, she knows *nothing* about pain (or medicine).  (Engineer with an MBA, obviously a *medical* expert... surprised she's not running the FDA, by now.)

These ******* VR headsets for pain died on the vine, as they should have.  They tried that bullshit on leukemia kids, local to me - refused them proper (pharmaceutical) pain care ("standard of care") in the "trials."  First, the parents wanted to beat the living shit out of the VR folks, then even the nurses and doctors who were getting paid to "try" it got nervous and had some pangs of conscience.  Kids, mind you.  What a soulless ******* Mengele-level vampire this woman is - UC and Stanford were big on this.  Got huuuge grants to torture people with video game headsets while withholding actual analgesia.  Dumbest shit I've ever seen.  Love that she's in SF - she can walk down the streets, now owned by the cartels, where the illicit fentanyl that comes over the border from Mexico - and the precursors that come from the CCP - fill the littered needles that her loving, stigma-reducing "collective" decision-making and "population-health" measures have caused to proliferate.  (Great for the environment!  Very "green!")  Personally, I hope she falls flat on her ass into a pile of human shit.

Stigma.... reducing stigma.  Hey, dumb dumb - how about you don't stigmatize the people in pain who need legitimate medications and differentiate between those who are using illicit drugs for, largely, psychological escapist reasons - rather than physical pain - then stop blaming doctors for actually treating pain, and distinguish between addiction and dependence (it's not rocket science;  addiction is "i bought these on the street or took the whole bottle the day I filled the prescription - and I just broke into your car to steal your shit, so that I can buy more" and dependence is "yeah, if I want any quality of life - you know, to be able to play with my kid at the park, walk without a cane, or maybe be able to speak or think or work (we all know you love reducing the disability rolls, while looking virtuous at your ted talk - you're not fooling anyone, ma'am) at a level anywhere near to the QoL prior the injury/trauma, then, yes, people "depend" on such medications).  What really happened?  Opioids went off-patent.  Even the phony "abuse-deterrent" formulations.

So, lot of disabled people in pain tortured, dosages reduced (if not totally - and what a great euphemism this is - "involuntarily tapered" or "deprescribed"), then given video games, talk therapy with purple-haired moron sociologists (works wonders for debilitating chronically painful conditions to have some 25 year old stoner who ought to be @ SBUX mixing up mochachinos tell you that it's not really the system of levers and pulleys in your spine or the screws and rods that hurt you, it's "all in your head" and you just need to read this 20 pg book on stoicism or try out some yoga).  *****, I read Epictetus in the original Greek before you were born - and my third eye wants me to strangle you w/my four arms...

So... to the question of the day:

How are all the OD's still happening?  It's not grandma's medicine cabinet.  It's illicit fentanyl.  (How's Chesa Boudin?)

Heartless, soulless, technological vampires - "unqualified and in control!"  These people are the enemy of all patients.

Goddamn, I'd love to cut her funding.  It's infuriating that she's talking this shit on my dime, and from Harvard, no less.

Wish I'd seen this sooner.  But, hey, thanks for the tipoff!  I love this gal.  Glad to know her name.

I will make sure to remember it. :ireful1:

ETA:  Is she still at the Fed?  Looks like she may need to divest some of her Conflicts of Interest:


Those Director positions... huh...

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