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Smartereum claim: ripple has partnership with over 600 different companies


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Have Smartereum got this right?:


According to the CEO, ripple has partnership with over 600 different companies. These companies also include prestigious institutions like Bank of England as well as Saudi Central bank. According to him, since there is a real application of Ripple, it will sustain in the longer term. He also mentioned that they will not be victims of the hype. Owing to the real applications, the value of Ripple will sustain.



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5 minutes ago, Magickarp said:

Do they provide a source or quote from Brad for their claim?

no - but the article has today's date.  That's why prefaced the post with "Smartereim claim".  It needs clarification since it is double the number we thought.

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2 hours ago, Dario_o said:

Smartereum source is Todaysgazette :rolleyes:

morons just reference each other in clickbait circlejerks

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