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BithompID - a username for XRP address


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23 hours ago, LordVetinari said:

Is this just for convenience or is this an alias that can be used for transactions?

For now it's just makes it easier to check your balances/transactions in our explorer, as you only need to memorise your username.

Soon we publishing an API, which can be used by wallets to make transactions, where username can be converted to an address. 

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22 hours ago, fiik said:

^ ot but some troll stole ya shield LordV

Take a closer look. It's the Vetinari Coat of Arms, intentionally black. 😁

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It's hard to remove it from internet, as even if ripple will drop their api with usernames, some services (like ours) will have usernames saved in own databases. 

If you want to remove it on bithomp, let our support now, we are thinking to change the usernames implementation to make them possible to delete/change with some time limitations. 

On 12/19/2021 at 3:33 PM, namini said:

Hi @Warbler do you know of any way (that do not require engineer skills) to remove or replace old rippletrade usernames?


Your tools are great I use them all the time :good:


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