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Scams and trying to work out what I can do


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Hi all

sadly and stupidly I allowed myself to get scammed out of some XRP. I was gutted and feel a bit stupid tbh - so feel free to give me a kicking in this thread :). Since I got scammed I have bee trying my hardest to stop anyone else getting scammed by these scumbags, including:

  1. reporting their channel on youtube,
  2. Leaving comments on their youtube channels
  3. blacklisting their multiple sites to google and WOT
  4. getting bithomp to label their accounts as fraudulent - which they have done
  5. I'm also trying to get registered on the ripple forums to see what I can do there (but I never receive their account activation email, so can't login and register)

 I notice on bithomp they sent 400XRP to Binance. Is there any way I can work out their destination address they sent to so I can contact Binance to see if they can help in anyway to track these people?



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13 minutes ago, 3GO3D said:

Hope you get your zerps back....How were you scammed ? 

Standard - I did not engage brain before actions. Classic - send x amount of XRP to receive 10x XRP back :blush::fool:

Can't see me getting my Zerps back but I'm trying my hardest to screw these people over, so others don't fall for there scam - others have fallen for it too as I've seen transactions from others people too

So here is how I let myself get scammed. I checked twitter a couple of days ago and saw a tweet from an account I follow - turned out it was a replica account with an extra underscore - it went on about getting XRP. The tweet linked to a youtube video with something like 250 comments about how much they'd received on this XRP giveaway from Ripple. So I fell for it.

I went to a website which gave me a destination address and tag and proceeded to send some XRP. It's safe to say I received nothing back :(  - and that's it.

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Currently, I have reported 3 accounts to Bithomp to get them labelled as fraudulent - of which 2 have been.

Really sad someone has sent one of the accounts a 1000XRP just today :(

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