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World's first digital bond: Bond-i

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I am now even more convinced that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the World Bank and R3 have all been working together in this purpose: Bond transactions, namely Bond-i.



I already spoke in some other topics about how blockchain can enhance the trade finance and the supply chain. R3 is working on various projects regarding trade finance, such as Voltron (Letters of Credit).

In this picture, we can read that R3 is working in those sectors, among others, and that the R3 - Ripple team can become a global standard with considerable possibilities.

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“We will continue to collaborate and work with clients, financial institutions and consortiums like R3, as well as with market participants, to understand the opportunities and real life applications of innovative and emerging technologies,” Mr Confos said.


Though sadly they state in this link below


'Important information

CBA and World Bank are using a private Ethereum blockchain for this project. Ethereum currently has the largest and most active development community globally, and offers the functionality we require. However other blockchains are developing rapidly and CBA remains open to other options in the future.

An independent review of the CBA blockchain platform’s architecture, security and resilience was conducted by Microsoft.

The law firm of King & Wood Mallesons acted as deal counsel on the bond issue and advised on the legal architecture for its implementation.'


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I for one value your research and the depth that you go to. Often, for others to appreciate it, you may have to point out what seems obvious to you, especially when you are so close to the subject matter and clearly way ahead of most of the audience. This is often a problem, especially with specialist research papers of this standard. With Bond-i you seem to have found substance which has yet to be appreciated, which is very similar to other circumstances where we have to accept snippets and match the dots as they are often masked by secrecy and NDA's

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Proof will be in the pudding i guess then?

I'm choosing to believe the actual info that CBA has provided stating its Ethereum because of their smart contracts abilities and find it very hard to believe that somehow it took over a year for trials with the Ethereum blockchain and who knows how much money, but all of a sudden decided to scrap that and go down another road and not do another year of testing. But that's just me.

Sometimes you also need an outsider to give you perspective because you get tunnel vision.


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"R3-Ripple Solution: High potential to become a global standard for financial operations such as international money transfers and trade finance."  (my emphasis with the bold/underline) This about says it all for me, as it's coming from someone on the "inside," more or less, on three different fronts: from R3's perspective, Ripple's, and from a large consortium of Japanese banks. Kitao is in the privileged position to see how well this all works together, so despite the naysayers on the inevitable delays (i.e.: regulatory/security) I believe he's in the best position to see how this is all likely to play out. And let's not forget "Slide 132" -  ‘Full-scale efforts towards increasing financial services using Ripple’s XRP and R3’s Corda.’   Hopium is not the problem that many are describing it to be, it's all the "I want it nowium" that's brought such an immature perspective to evaluating both Ripple's progress and potential. As always, time will tell......

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2 hours ago, WuWei said:

that's brought such an immature perspective to evaluating both Ripple's progress and potential.

Yes that nails it.  Either the vast bulk of recent posters on here are immature impatient beginners,  or there is an orchestrated campaign against XRP (or perhaps a combination of both).

The writing is on the wall...  if you can’t see it then perhaps speculative investing is not for you.   There are, of course, no guarantees that the writings will come true...    hence speculative.

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