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Where's XRPTrump?

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39 minutes ago, Hodor said:

Here's what I know:

  • He's taking a long break
  • He's okay (healthy, etc..)

That's it.  And quite frankly, that's all I really care about.  His tweets were absolutely epic examples of how to rule on Twitter.  He had crazy skill as a social media superstar, and he would take on anybody with logic and precision that was his unmistakable trademark.

I am humble enough to admit I do not have one-half of his skill or motivation when it comes to dealing with trolls, but he would somehow argue with them without lowering himself.  It was beautiful to watch.  Kieran Kelly is good, too, as is Tiffany and Matt Hamilton.  There are others as well, but I think all of them would agree that Doc T was the absolute best. 

Well, going by the fact that this entity is now being spoken of in the past tense I think it is safe to say......

BG123 will be missed.....



LOL< jk

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35 minutes ago, Mcripple said:

I applaud him for walking away. Twitter is a disease and you spend countless hours arguing with nameless faceless morons and you probably make no difference whatsoever. 

Totally agree -- and to be honest, XRPChat and reddit getting more and more the same characteristics recently

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1 hour ago, AlvaroXRP said:

1. Miguel dissapearance

2.JK derisk strategy

3.XRPTrump long break.

What is next? 

1. Claire Arthurs Kart made Head of Community and goes on XRPChat and Twitter..

2. Claire Arthurs Kart gets XRP symbol changed.

3. Claire Arthurs Kart disappears.

4. Miguel Dissapperance.

5. Bob Way comes out of nowhere and provides massive amounts of info on Ripple and XRP.

6. JK dericks.

7. XRPTrump Dissappears.



Feel free to add


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