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Q1 2019 XRP Markets Report

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You guys cry about distribution, then when Ripple distributes you cry about that too.

Page 8 of this doc: https://ripple.com/files/xrp_cost_model_paper.pdf "$10 million one-time cost of deploying Ripple and a payback period of less than 15 months." And I just want to add that

This report has ****** me off. If Ripple is going to 'distribute' the vast majority of the supply of XRP based upon nominal volume from a data arbitration site with widely recognised deficiencies

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6 minutes ago, Kiwi said:

Good, institutional sell increased, progmatic sell also.

Progmatic sell is 0.32% of global volume. If we assess 80% of global volume is fake and price didnt move for all quarter.

That means ripple did 4% of daily sell volume. Which is freaking a lot. No wonder price doesnt move.

It’s quite annoying and I hope we can somehow reach someone at ripple to ask them about that 

No wonder price is so stable lol 


@miguel @BobWay @JoelKatz @peebo38 @nikb

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1 minute ago, codiusrex said:

Afraid Ripple is selling a sh!t ton of their XRP to fund their operations which is not a sound business model if they otherwise maintain a legitimate method to sell their flagship product. Also afraid Ripple is giving away their flagship product to encourage a network effect which is an insidious downward spiral considering their software offers premium leveraging against other banking products in the same genre. Ignorance and poor decision making could kill this project. 

Luckily, we have Coil, XSpring, Wietse, etc...I would love to see what Wietse could do if he is granted that banking license in Europe...Remember, Jevon's Paradox is a call option for all of us.

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Just now, Dutchpinoy said:

Point taken. Thing is, their given %'s are false going by cmc pulls. That should warrant a raised eyebrow or two considering it's a market report in light of transparancy.

I prefer a lower percentage over public inflated data, over higher percentage based on some hocus-pocus unverifiable algorithm to compute "real volume". That is less  transparent.

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