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Card2xrp.com - a new service to buy XRP with a bank card


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OctillionSA (Bithomp) partnered with SafelloAB to offer a new service: https://card2xrp.com where Europeans have a simple way to buy XRP with a Bank Card. 

The best experience will be for countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark where users can use BankID, nemID and Swish. 

The video is for BTC, but its the same experience for XRP :) 


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23 hours ago, pucksterpete said:

Hmmm  1 XRP = 0.2850 EUR on card2xrp.com

1 XRP = 0.27023 EUR on Bitstamp

Let see it that way:

enter 100 EUR. it shows

350.5267 XRP (fee: 5 EUR)


now Bitstamp is 1 xrp = 0.27170 EUR

Calculated that way: 100 eur - 5 eur fee = 95 eur. * 0.27170 EUR = 349.65 xrp

So 350.5276 XRP (showed in widget) is approximately the amount you going to receive (rate takes from bitstamp on the moment when funds received) 


Widget doesn't show rate, it shows how much you will receive. and how much the fee is. 

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23 hours ago, pucksterpete said:

and lets say I buy over 7k XRP, they won't be able to fill it


You won't be able to buy 7k xrp for the first card purchase, there are card limits. I think its around 600 EUR for the first time buyer. 

We have an automatic system which refilling the hot wallet, with xrp its quick, so no worries about that. 

Actually, for bigger amounts it's probably nicer to use cheaper methods like SEPA. xrparrot for example.


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