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Question: [Study Group] What days do we meet?


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I'd like to focus on the material I want to present as part of the study group. While I'm doing that, I think there are some important questions that you as a group can work out for me.

What day of the week does each session meet?

I suspect that other's time is more constrained than mine. I'm willing to meet on any day that works best for people. That includes weekdays or weekend days.

Of course, even that statement is complicated!  I'm well aware that other cultures define the weekend differently from mine. I work in the Middle East for a brief time where the weekend was Thursday and Friday. Followed, of course, by the US weekend of Saturday and Sunday. So all communication between the two locations needed to happen Monday-Wednesday during working hours that didn't really overlap.

Could someone take this on as a project and let me know the answer?

This will take some coordination with the session timing project as well. My only constant is, please don't schedule three sessions on the same day for me. I don't think I have enough energy for that. Two on the same day would be fine, as long as there is a couple hours break in between.

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1. On the days my partner works (not the same every week) then I am only free 19:00-22:00 London time.

2. On my partner's days off I can attend any time from 10:00-22:00 London time.

Can everybody who wants to attend Bob's first session please post their availability (in 24hr format) and time zone so we can choose the optimal time.

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