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What are we waiting for?

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Regulation, number of coins in existence and a lawsuit.

Is that all that is holding us back from being in double/triple figures?

Not going to lie, when I first invested in 17, I thought we would be at $10+ by now, how wrong was I.


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Wasn’t early 2017 I bought it was actually later on
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And I am always shocked to see some of the others options I had at the time with no "REAL STORY" or a use case that had the wow factor. Take NEO for example.

On March 1, 2017 Neo was .11 and I bought $1000 dollars worth or 9090 NEO,  also on the same day XRP was .005  and I bought $1000 dollars worth or 200,000.

Today I would have:

$97,172 in NEO

$64000 in XRP

The only point is that I see XRP as HEADS above coins like NEO.... 

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1 hour ago, Duke67 said:

Then it was not that early 2017... but have no worries mate, XRP is a very specific beast that is not going to let down those who can see through. Patience.

Possibly September if I remember right. I really like your confidence. Posts like that can definitely make you feel better about the investment, I know it’s no guarantee but makes you feel better none the less.

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7 hours ago, SuperTronk said:

Everyone was saying 200-500 now with amazon as partners, huge household names.



Actually it was Asheesh Birla (Ripple) that claimed Amazon was a customer and David Schwartz (Ripple) that came up with "two household names".

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