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Chat: [Study Group] Introduce Yourselves

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How you prefer to be identified.
CNHquest , find me by this name on a social media platform (CryptoNewsHunter on it's quest in the cryptospace) Since I've stumbled upon.. XRP has drawn all my attention

The other social media identities you use.
twitter, here I post my research, follow the latest news, and have fun times whit the community while holding through this whole quest
youtube, dedicated my home page to crypto https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTzzTfEnKjzJx8lEID3oVxg?view_as=subscriber (NeedsAnUpdate) Subscribed to some people who are part of this bookclub here, I see U. Working on a series of videos myself, There is a part called Banked/Unbanked in which some shots on Ripple comes forth, generally it's about the view point from the world leaders perspectives on the challenges we are facing, the new technology's ought to help us survive.

The region, culture, or language audience you'd like to help reach.
Netherlands, people here are well aware of the existence of cryptocurrencies, but not well educated let alone about the whole financial world, have learned about this the past few years and it is time for the financial sector, it is long overdue. That's why I have joined your bookclub Bob, I am a learner a thinker, money has run the world, internet has made communication global, put those technologies together and you have a global interoperable value chain , just if we can give the world it self a better proposition by communicating better whit value through data.

The timezone you are physically in
Time zone in Netherlands CEST Central European Summer Time
Work evening and night shifts, I''ll do me best to attend, certainly putt my effort in learning

If you'd like to participate in a regional team and what skills you can contribute
I'm a creative honest guy, I'm here to learn, collaborate, Lets do this!

I want to end by saying, I love XRPAfrica his vision, and all of ours,

we have great minds.

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Posted (edited)

Hey XRP family it is a privilege to be among you on this exciting endeavor..(sorry about the delay!)

I'll start with thanks to Bob🤗 as I suffered a neurological injury riding a motorbike when I was teaching in Chiang Mai and Bob was nice enough to take the chance on me. I feel blessed as it seems(🤞 hopefully) like perfect timing as I am gradually coming into recovery with lots of positives to take from it.

I will try to keep this brief as I've no idea how to articulate my desire to be involved in this group. I haven't been this excited about learning something new since,,, I can't remember but really looking forward to learn more about the XRP ledger and just generally joining you all on the cool XRP journey. So much so I may even set up my own YouTube channel😅. When you watch the Youtubers you can really appreciate how they all bring new perspectives and a variety of different viewpoints to the community. I'm sure whether we realize it ourselves or not we all have unique attributes to gift to the club no matter how minuscule they may seem. 

I often wish I had the knowledge Bob is prepared to pass on to us so that I can create, build on and share with as much people as possible to help them to grow, along with the ecosystem.(I must admit though, my knowledge of the ILP and XRPL is pretty low at the moment☺) 

I mainly speak English and Irish coming from Ireland but hoping to teach my friends in China, Russia and around the world, to assist in spreading the XRP love and knowledge around the world. 

My previous work experience is mainly in the financial sector on the Insurance side although I am being pushed towards the path of the creative 'crazy' entrepreneur now. I love to travel around the world, meet new people, play the guitar, sing, spiritual 'stuff' and coming up with creative ideas in the hope of changing the world for the better.

Thank you again Bob Way and everyone for your time in reading this, looking forward to joining all of you on this exciting new XRP adventure🙏

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Hey everyone, 

Sorry It has taken me so long to get on here and do my intro. I'm Jordan Semple, originally from South Africa but currently reside in London.

My Twitter handle is @ Jay_jay_Semple  and I have been into XRP and CT since mid 2017, manly watching and learning from our FUD defending hero's, but I am starting to find my voice in the space. I like to be called by my first name, Jordan

I have a few other SM handles and websites that aren't specific to Digital assets, but will I hope act as a platform in some way shape or form in aiding adoption, they are passion projects of mine and I'm really looking forward to learning first hand from Bob, exactly what the XRPL can do, so that I can bear it in mind in all my future thoughts.

I hope to build businesses on the XRPL as well as show businesses the benefits of it, and aid them in migrating onto it, as well as spread the word more effectively to people that I come into contact with and know.

I would love to take part in any local groups specific to South Africa, and the United Kingdom, and am extremely optimistic for how this could transform the lives of the previously disadvantaged people of my home country. I also have on the ground connections to Copper mining operations in Zambia and am extremely interested in the applications of blockchain in my industry (restaurants, food supply chain, inventory control) and my passion project (sustainable urban agriculture)

I'm a good orator, and my passion can be infectious, I just need to be confident in my product knowledge and am so excited for the opportunity to be involved in this. I'm unsure how my eventual contribution will take shape, but I am confident that with the correct information, I can make a positive impact and together, I feel like we can change the world. 


Looking forward to reading everyone's intro's and learning with you all.


peace, J

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Evening everyone rusty here (Luke)   from Liverpool,  

Languages:  English 

 twitter: Rusty_XRP

London timezone ,  GMT +1

Goal is to speed up the adoption of Ripple/XRP in the uk as only 3% of us own cryptocurrency, I feel a lot of information is suppressed and also misleading, being able to bring a clean cut and easy understandable base where the public can absorb the information and understand the ecosystem  is really important  , I enjoy learning about the crypto space myself  and would take great pride in teaching others. 

Im thorough with the information I pass on and always make sure I’m correct with what I’m saying 

I would love to assist in anyway shape or form to this group and look forward to the future and the possibility of working with you all

speak soon

Rusty 🇬🇧🦊

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Good Morning From Rochester, New York!

My name is Shawn Schaeffer and my twitter handle is @ShawnSchaeffe10 . I have been invested in XRP since August 2017, and ever since i purchased my first xrp, i have been head over heels trying to learn how the tech works.

I have a backround in Electrical Engineering and am currently working for a Aerospace/Geospatial company, where we build Satellites for government programs as well as commercial Sats. Fun fact: One commercial sat that we have done alot of work on is the James Webb Telescope and it will be the replacement for the current Hubble telescope!

I grew up in a agricultural area(Apples,corn,beans) and with my first job of being a customer service/cashier i worked with sending money via western union for all of the migrants that seasonally come to our region, work, and then send money back to their families weekly. Once i saw xrp and what Ripple was doing by making software solutions for remittances, the light bulb went on, it is sickening on the amount of money these hard workers are losing per transaction. I have seen anywhere from 3-7 basis points for one single trx. The sad thing is that these workers have no other choice than paying these high fees, but then they would come in and complain that the recipient never recieved the payment, and or couldnt track the payment. For 2019 this is uncalled for and change is needed.

I joined this group because i love the tech side behind these protocols and feel as if i have a great responsibility to share this info to as many people as possible. This is life changing tech and will reshape the finacial sector!

I am looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you and am ecstatic knowing that we will learn soooo much. Big thank you to Bob for creating this initiative and following through. If you have any questions for me please feel free to shoot me a Dm via twitter or on here!

Have a great day, Shawn Schaeffer

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Hello Studygroup,

Deu to a holiday a litte late to introduce myself so sorry for that. I'm a Financial Advisor for over 25 years now in the Insurance and Asset business in The Netherlands and the Dutch Antilles (Curacao and Aruba). As an employee but also entepreneur for over a decade. Not the technical guy but you can compare me more like The Digital Asset Investor. Explaining the system and products to people and advising is my daily job. I see the system changing and I really like to contribute to that change. The XRP Meetup in Amersfoort made me even more enthousiastic!

You can call me Ray

You can find me ont Twitter @RippleRay

The langauges I speak are Dutch English and German.

The timezone I'm in is GMT+1

I would like to contribute in a Dutch / German group.

Very nice to meet you all!

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Hello World, 

My nickname is v3spasian. I am a Software Engineer. 

I do not have much of an online media presence. I do have a twitter handle @V3spas1an, which I use to follow the XRP army!

I live in the USA and my timezone is CST. I speak English, Hindi and Bengali. 

My primary interest is in understanding how the XRP ledger works and more generally the ILP. I'd love to join this study group to understand the entire breadth of topics Bob is planning to cover! I'd like to use this knowledge to contribute to the development of software projects in this space. 

Glad to meet you all!!

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Hi everyone,

I'm joining Bob's study group. I'm writing a book to introduce Ripple and XRP in Japan now.

Language: Japanese, English
Timezone: Tokyo GMT+9
Twitter: GiantGox
Blog: gtgox.com
Discord: XRP community group in Japan

I have spent several years to fight against scammers, who spread bad rumors about Ripple and XRP in Japan. It seems that it worked well at least in my country. However as more and more people are interested in cryptocurrency recently, more people started spreading FUD as well. So, I need more accurate information about XRP and Ripple now. I'm not sure how much I can contribute to the community, but I'll try to cooperate with everyone as much as I can.

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Hey to all, 

I'm late to this but would like join the study group. I've written to Bob just now and hope to be included.

Languages: English (native) and Polish (fluent - non technical)
Timezone : GMT (UK)
Twitter: moledzki
Discord: mazza#7283

I've described myself in the book club introduction as an educator, technologist, content creator and musician. I work in a university as an Online Learning Designer / Developer and have practice of designing learning content across many subject areas. I believe in education and equality, allowing everyone access to the same opportunities by ensuring that learning is inclusive. I have access to a large international network of professionals and also an even larger group of young adults learning about the world.



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Hello all!

I am The Iron Bank (yes, I am a big fan of GoT), I am happy to be referred to as Iron Bank. I keep my identity private for now, but in truth have no real qualms about becoming non-anonymous in future as we progress.

My Twitter account is IronBanking

I'm in England so I'd love to help raise awareness of XRP in England as well as beyond. My timezone is London BST.

I'm also aiming to gain a deep understanding of Rippled and associated technologies, and hope I can use this understanding to answer community questions.

I'm happy to contribute to a regional team if I can be of help, and know there are a couple of people who aren't a million miles from where I am. Indeed, I purchased a ticket to DLTCONUK to take place in Manchester, UK, the other day. And by happy coincidence today see that the organiser of the event, @ScottLoveForCrypto is also part of this group!  

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Hi everyone

I'm Jocelyn and I live in Switzerland (GMT +1). My mother tongue is French but I can also speak English and a little bit of German.

I've been working as a software developer (mostly web) for 4 years, always trying to find cool side projects. Many of them failed :)

I've been invested in XRP since July 2017 but never really dug into it. Until recently. I spent hours reading the documentation on https://developers.ripple.com/ and am astonished by the capabilities of the XRP Ledger. Since then, ideas are popping into my head and I'd like to share them to get some feedback on their viability.


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