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Chat: [Study Group] Introduce Yourselves

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Hello all,
I'm rabbit. I live in Michigan, USA (EST/EDT), I work as an assistant professor (unrelated to IT/CE/CS/etc.), and I only speak English. I am married to Ms. Rabbit, who used to share this XRPChat account with me. My aliases on other sites include:

Out of those, I basically only use the Twitter, since I can't keep up with everything .

My background with Ripple/XRP includes using Ripple Trade when that was around. I really miss having easy access to features like adding gateways, enabling rippling, etc., and one of my primary aims in joining this group is to learn more about utilizing all the awesome features to their full potential, so more people can benefit from them.

I have been running rippled for the last several years, and I'm honored that our validator is included in the default UNL. I love learning new things, and running rippled has taught me a great deal.

Out of the roles that @BobWay proposed, I see myself ideally being involved in the live audience.

I look forward to being a part of this group!


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Hello Everyone. I'm Eri  I'd like to study, learn and discuss the material shared by Bob on XRP, the XRP Ledger, etc.  Please call me "Eri" which is the name I use in Japan because my given

Hello Study Group, Scott here from Love For Crypto,  I Run the LFC Instagram and Facebook pages @LoveForCrypto17 and also add daily videos regarding DLT, IoV, IoT and my general thoughts on

Hello XRP Community! It's very rejoicing to see many familiar faces around! My name is: XRP Research Center.  Please call me "RC" for easy reference. I'm also known as: @XRPCenter 

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Hello Everyone, my name is George

@SincerelyGeorge on Twitter, as well as the person behind @AllThingsXRP (https://AllThingsXRP.com), and YouTube Channel by the same name.  

I am a Blockchain / Digital Asset enthusiast who wants to help people understand XRP.

- XRP value proposition, use cases, system design / technology, Emerging implementations & how to get involved.

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and work in technology.  

I look forward to helping people understand XRP from a variety of perspectives. 

Bob- Thank you for bringing together this group of like minded people.  


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On 4/21/2019 at 1:23 PM, MEZCAL said:

My name is Rey. 

Twitter handle: Hispanic Sephardim

Region: South Texas/Northern Mexico

Interested in: Mexico/Central/South America

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian 

Timezone: central

Regional teams: Interested in establishing community/school presentations (XRP) for underdeveloped and marginalized zones.  Many people still lack access to the net and information, unfortunately they will be the last to know, adapt. We can change this....

Totally dig this. I developed my works (AllThingsXRP) with a similar population in mind.  I am in Texas. 

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What better opportunity than taking part in this study group and learning from Bob Way! 


Hello everyone! 


I go by the name Kaloone and my Twitter handle is @Kaloone. I found myself on the most interesting path since last autumn, when DJ XRP introduced me to Ripple and XRP. I’m grateful for him as I realised how Ripple can and will most drastically improve the way we bank, on a global scale. 


Ever since, I’ve enjoyed my journey learning and teaching those around me and online. There is so much for me to learn still and yet I’m eagerly willing to absorb more. There is already an incredible cast participating in this group! How exciting to be standing here, amongst all of you.


My first language is French and I live in the UK, UTC/GMT +1 hour. I’m camera shy but I’d be happy to contribute in any other way to not only reach and educate a French speaking audience, but also to distribute accurate content through translations for instance.


As early adopters, this is an exciting time for us to live and to witness the world progressing towards the best cross-border solution.


It’s an honour and privilege to be part of this study group. Thanks for having me.



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Hi I'm Xgrosz - and you can call me Xgrosz

My Youtube and Twitter chanels are @Krypto Kamikaze and I work with Polish-speaking crypto community 
I also have very active discord group where we go over eveything what is current in cryptocurrency in general  but we have a separate room for XRP and this is our main focus

Languages: Polish / English

Timezone : CEST

I'm hoping to gain knowlege and share it with Polish-speaking people rise awareness to this tech as well as dispel doubts


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Hi All - Well this IS exciting...  my twitter handle is GLT..

I live in Japan (JST) and am looking very much forward to learning and enabling others, if possible increasing the use of the ecosystem where possible.

@BobWay - Thank you for helping us discover and further our understanding of our beloved XRPL

Chat soon no doubt! 




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Hello everyone!  Let me start off by saying that I am super excited to get to learn more about the XRP ecosystem and meet the wonderful people in the group.  I am interested in sharing what I know in a less traditional way on twitter and in blog posts so that everyone can feel included.  I thank everyone for this opportunity to learn and grow with them and to give back to the community.

My name is Jes and my handle will be @afutureinreverse on this forum and twitter.   Ultimately I would like to have a blog.

I am in the central US timezone, and unfortunately I only speak English.  

I would like to offer the team any assistance that I am capable of providing.  It is my intent to provide simplistic information to the public.  I feel like the information the community shares is very high level (This is my challenge to see if it can be broken down).  I once read a HBR report that a hospital was trying to get doctors to comply on improving sanitation for patient safety.  They offered incentives to the doctors but the change in the behavior of the doctors was short lived.  What was interesting about the results was that they found out that the driver of the long term changes came from the "support staff".  The administrative assistants and the head nurses were educated about the importance of sanitation and hence the need for the change of behavior by the doctors.  The end result was that the admins and head nurses used the necessary peer pressure/organizational skills on their bosses in a way that reached the hospital's goals of improved sanitation.  I am hoping to go this route with my work.  



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Hi everybody,

I follow many of you on Twitter and Youtube since I am also very interested in learning about Ripple, XRP, Interledger etc. I am really excited to learn from Bob and help him educate the world. 

My name is Jochem but you can call me Jopie which is my nickname. @colombianas on Twitter

I live in the Netherlands (CEST)

I am an entrepreneur and I have been interested in blockchain, crypto and XRP for a few years now. I am an admin in a Dutch crypto group and I can translate English to Dutch.

I am not an expert(yet) so for now I would be happy to learn in the audience or in a regional group. 

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and to start learning from Bob.



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Hello, Hola & Aloha.

Currently living in Costa Rica ( PST +1 )

I speak English and am learning Spanish

@Jerryvhall1 on Twitter Jerry V Hall on Facebook

These are exciting times we live in. My intentions in this group are to connect with others to learn about the elements of the XRPL. I want to build a business in this space leveraging the built in exchange and access to the greater DLT space as a whole.

Everywhere I go in Latin America I see everyone under 40 using a smart phone yet when it comes to both business and personal finance I see a dependance on the legacy banking system. Below I attach a photo of a slow day at the bank. On a busy day the line outside the banks can be 50 - 70 people deep. Online and Blockchain will change this and I want to be a part of this. 

Bank Line.JPG

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Hey everyone!

My name is Bruno and I live in Maryland, US. I am from Brazil and I also lived in Spain before. I speak/Write the 3 languages fluently.

i started investing in crypto because I truly believe some of these assets and technology are just out of this world.

I am a law enforcement officer and used to do many graphic designs and Adobe After Effects when I was younger. I would like to contribute to this group by making a channel or translating this to others that do not understand English. My personal goal for XRP is to spread this great technology and also benefit from it. When XRP rises, I plan on building a business in Florida with crypto involved in it. It is still a fresh idea and a lot of things to think about.

I hope you all have a wonderful time in this group!


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Hello everyone,

ThomasTheTGV aka @Tom_Kuster (Twitter) aka Tom

I'm from the Netherlands but life in Germany, so I consider myself to be a European. I speak Dutch, German, English, Spanish and little bit of French.

Timezone is CEST (Central European Summer Time)

I'd like to participate in a regional team (BeNeLux and maybe North Rhine-Westphalia). My skills?

  • Organizing XRP meetups since 2014 (Last one was in Amersfoort)
  • Connector of people
  • Witty but amateur marketing brain

Next to blockchain my interests are singing, digital learning, AR/VR and gamification all on a non-programmer level. 

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Hello everyone.  My name is James and I believe my background can be of some benefit to this endeavor.  I'm a technology educator in both elementary and adult education in Ohio for the last 7 years.  My teaching experience includes programming languages, web design and 3D architecture.  Within the last 12 months I've been contributing to developing blockchain curriculums at both the University of Cincinnati and 3 local trade schools in the SW Ohio area.  

In my former life I was an attorney for 8 years practicing primarily in intellectual property and education law.  I'm looking to transition my legal experience with my technology teaching to assist in blockchain solutions for elementary and secondary education.  Personally knowing how outdated many technological resources are in the field of education; blockchain is a great opportunity and I'd like to find ways to assist in this effort.  

I've been studying smart contracts extensively and attempting to learn some of the new languages and would like to become a blockchain lawyer within the education field.  My XRP contributions include:

Twitter:  @XRPodcast 

Podcast:  anchor.fm/podcastxrp

Many thanks to @BobWay for putting this group together and I look forward to working and interacting with our talented and diverse community here.  

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Hello Everyone, A little late in sharing by introduction, I am Inderpreet from Delhi, India. I am a Strategy Consultant working with the MNCs in consumer products space. In total, I have 14 years work experience.   I am also active in water related environmental initiatives.

I discovered Ripple & XRP in 2015 and more active in reading and updating myself about it since last 6 months. I now look forward to learning more about XRP, Distributed ledger, Ripple, payments and remittances and how XRP is uniquely positioned to create internet of value.

I speak English, Hindi and Punjabi.

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On 4/21/2019 at 4:15 PM, BobWay said:

As I mentioned about 80 people wrote me wanting to participate in the study group sessions. Each of you had different reasons for why you want to participate and how you intend to use the new information.

Hello I am Anirban. Here on xrpchat please call me by my username: whitefanng. Sorry for being late to the introduction thread, have been travelling for work past week or so. I am working with an Indian org. for business/financial analysis with 5 years of experience.

I want to learn about the XRP ledger, creating IOUs and different ways to bridge/tie value to XRPL by those IOUs.

I came into knowledge of blockchain/fintech in late 2017. Saw the mention of bitcoin in newspapers and tried to learn about it from publicly available resources. I tried out different blockchains (basic sending payments and other features): Bitcoin/Ethereum/XRPL/Stellar/IOTA and also lots of ICOs on ETH. Quickly came to the conclusion- XRP is far better than anything out there in the crypto market. I was very impressed by the decentralized exchange on XRPL which I believe is the best feature of it (tried using it via https://theworldexchange.net/). 

I'm on twitter @_anirban_ 

I am from Delhi, India and I can speak English, Hindi & Bengali.

I can help you create additional content for learning.

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