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Chat: [Study Group] Introduce Yourselves


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I'm hoping to be a team member in any capacity with a personal goal to grow the XRP holder base, increase investor awareness, and attract new users of the technology. In addition, I think it is important to dispel any mistruths people might have about Ripple & XRP that hinder its status in this ecosystem. Lastly, I love this space.   .

いらっしゃいませ   irassyaimase

Those that follow your videos already know  your mission.

WOW, this is such good news.   What a great line up XRPChat are gathering.

Together we conquer the world!

(Let me guess: E ri zu be hu?)

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3 hours ago, CryptoEri said:

Hello Everyone. I'm Eri 

I'd like to study, learn and discuss the material shared by Bob on XRP, the XRP Ledger, etc. 

Please call me "Eri" which is the name I use in Japan because my given name has a "z", "b" and "th" which are sounds proven to be difficult for Japanese to pronounce. Eri is a shortened version, easy and common in this part of the world. 

I'm also known as: @sentosumosaba on twitter (sento = hot spring bath, sumo = I'm a serious fan, saba = a favorite sushi).  

My Youtube channel is: CryptoEri  / I upload on average, 6X per week and have had an online presence in this XRP space for 14 mos primarily with an English speaking audience, however my reach is truly world-wide as shown in my google analytics. Women viewership is growing at a fast clip recently. 

I grew up in the SF Bay Area (California) and currently reside in Tokyo which has been my home for 16 years. I am able to translate the material / or PPT decks into Japanese and distribute to the Japanese XRP community by way of influencers whom I know online - both on the twitter and the Youtube platform. 

Tokyo: GMT+9

I'm hoping to be a team member in any capacity with a personal goal to grow the XRP holder base, increase investor awareness, and attract new users to the technology. In addition, I think it is important to dispel any mistruths people might have about Ripple & XRP that hinder its status in this ecosystem. Lastly, I love this space.   .

Welcome Eri! I am a fan of your YouTube channel and I have been watching your uploads for a while now. Thank you for your contributions from Japan.  Glad to have you on XRPChat!! 

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Hi Everyone,

My name is SPQRLee and I am one of the co-founders and presenters at SPQR Media.  

As a group we are so excited to be part of this journey with all of you in the task of educating the world.

SPQR Media are active in the following ways:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjzG_D5P6MFC4mbzQIwCDyg

Twitter: SPQRLee: @spqrlee, SPQRJay: @Jay_SPQR, SPQR, Kody: @distributedmind, SPQRAndy: @Entricty, SPQRDom: @Cotswold_Gent & SPQRMatt: @UKXRP1

Telegram: We have our own little SPQR community which is made up of people from allover the world.   

SPQR's goal on formation was to help spread the word on everything XRP in a friendly approachable way whilst having a little bit of fun in doing so.   

Majority of us are based in the UK so we are on BST GMT - 1 time.

We are happy to be part of regional teams and help others by tapping into our resources and community.  

Super excited by this project personally and cannot wait to get to know people within the group.


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hi everyone, I’m eyal

I’m in the IT business i own a small company called "mitranix network services" located in north of Israel and provide IT and Cyber solutions for SMB company's

i speak Hebrew and English.  father, husband, and a family man.

in my spare time i do some surfing 

I’m in crypto for almost 3 years started as a miner. 

my goal for this group is to figure out how we can bring XRP to the messes in Israel i know that in a global perspective we are very small in numbers but still.

my time zone is (UTC+2:00)

and can be found on twitter as: @mitranix

and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eyal.mitrani.7

I’m pretty sure that if we can provide business a quick way to send and withdrew XRP to fiat and vice versa they will be more than happy to use it

i know that some of my clients that have branches in India, Colombia, and Europe will be glad to use XRP as money transfer solution instead of swift.

i hope to be a part of this group to learn and to contribute any way i can in this XRP ADVENTURE

cheers eyal


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"Hi" to the most awesome community out there!

You can call me Pres


I am on Twitter under the following profile: @XRPresident

I am from Denmark and I therefore speak Danish and understand Norwegian, Swedish, a bit of German and of course English.

I would prefer to represent the Scandinavian countries and my time zone is GMT+2

I will be very much flexible when it comes to tasks and objectives. My goal is to educate people about XRP and in general the new era that we are entering. I want to learn, have fun and provide information for especially the Scandinavian countries.


I look very much forward to this project




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My name is Dennis Peck. Social media presence @5280Viking.

I live in Denver, Colorado. Time zone is MST (Mountain). I am looking forward to learning and sharing my insight with a technical twist.

I hope to thoroughly share not just "what", but "How" XRP can be implemented either via personal use, business use, via configuring nodes, etc.  As an entry- level developer, the possibilities are endless.

Nice to meet you all!  

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Hi Everyone,

i am tshine and my Twitter is @xrpshine can be referred to as xrpshine or tshine, I am a hard working Father/Grandad.

 I am the owner of the Coil enabled XRPL fan websites XRP4U.com & XRP4UK.com where I am am trying to gather as much info about XRPL into a single hub, this includes Twitter, YouTube, Ecosystem, GSG charities page, other fan sites, news sites etc etc and added some tutorials I have shared.

I hope to add to my own knowledge of XRPL as part of this amazing talented group of enthusiasts and share this to the world on my website!

By trade I am an IT support data analyst in a company of 18,000 users in Canary Wharf, London,  As part of my role I create data presentations, I take lots of raw data and turn them into pretty pictures using Excel pivot tables and PowerPoint, at least I like to think I do 😁 I also create technical documentation for my team.

I Stumbled across XRP in Dec 2017 and have been growing my knowledge and loading my bags on the dips since then! and still will! 😁

My wife is Slovakian and I am hoping to talk her into doing some translation, may have to bribe with chocolate!

London, England: GMT

Lets do this!




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Hi everyone 

My name is Dan Rocky and I’m from Denmark. On social media’s you find me on Twitter with the handle @DanRocky

Professional I have a background as IT developer, but today I’m working as Enterprise architect helping big organisations to transform their IT landscape to harvest business value from newest technologies 

Since I learned about Ripple and XRP in early 2017, I have been very fascinated with how well XRP works and how Ripple is developing the whole ecosystem with all the initiatives like xSpring. 

Since then, I have personally studied Ripple and XRP and have acquired a lot of knowledge. However, I want to know more, share my knowledge and be a lot more involved in the community. That’s why I want to be part of the study group.

I’m in time zone CET and I would like to contribute by spreading knowledge and awareness about XRP/XRPL capabilities in Scandinavia where we have a very similar language, specifically Denmark, Norway and Sweden. 

Looking forward to meet you all





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