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List: Bob's Study Group TL;DR


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I'm sure a lot of people are interested in what is happening with the study group. I'm going to use this thread to summarize our progress.

If you have no idea what the "study group" is:

If you have no idea what this club is:

There are only two pages of topics total. I encourage everyone to look back through them and resurrect any you might find interesting.

Also please "like" your favorite topics in this list. Add any you see missing. We can use that as a check list for study group. Also please comment about about what you've learned. It is good for my ego! :)

If you'd like a notification when I post something new. You can "follow me" on the forum.

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I have receive 80 requests to participate in the study group. Each one was very compelling and personal. I did my best to respond to everyone personally. The task was a little bigger so I enlisted my son Chris (Kerin online) to help. He went through all the emails picking out languages, cultures and regions.

It really is a great group of people!

  • 8 YouTubers with cumulatively more than 50K subscribers
  • 5 News site operators
  • 2 Forum operators
  • 2 Telegram group moderators
  • A Facebook group
  • And lots of Tweeters!

From other occupations there are:

  • Graphic designers
  • Writers
  • Educators
  • Engineers
  • Charity creators
  • Business people, including representatives from:
    • The gaming industry
    • A company creating an XRP Ledger wallet

By region there are people from:

  • Africa:                   Angola, Burkina Faso, Uganda, South Africa, and some traveling ex-pats.
  • Middle East:         Qatar, Israel and Turkey
  • India:                     Delhi
  • Asia:                      Japan, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan
  • Australia:              Woot!
  • Europe:                 Ireland, UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Malta
  • Latin America:    Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela
  • North America:   Canada, and a huge number of folks from the US

There are clear gaps in the group though. There is no representation from:

  • Mainland China
  • Russia

But volunteers are already working to close those gaps.

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So, let’s talk about Bob’s expectation failures. They say, “No plan ever survives first contact…”


Original                                                                                 Current
Expectations                                                                        Reality
———————                                                                         ———————    

Group                                                                                    Group
    10-15 People                                                                       80 People

Communication                                                                  Communication
    Email list out to group                                                        Bob's Book Club
    Personal email in from group

Learning Sessions                                                               Learning Sessions
    Skype video - face to face                                                  Need larger scale solution

After Session Questions from Study Group                     Study Group Questions
    Not really though out…                                                        Still not thought out… 

Session Media and Recording Distribution                      Media Distribution
    Linked to from XRP Chat                                                     Linked to from XRP Chat
    Questions from public answered on XRP Chat                Questions on XRP Chat

So as of now, I have about 80 volunteers to join the study group. Each represents a unique and compelling way for me to learn something new. So yesterday, rather than trying to exclude people, Chris and I began brainstorming ways we could actually make a larger group work.

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I'd like expand the study group participation through a combination of “tiered participation” and “regional team” formation.

For each actual group session, I really want a round table face-to-face video conference format. One where every participant shares their personal experience and I learn as much as everyone else. That is the format in which I’m best at communicating.

However, many wrote that they were uncomfortable having their email or real name shown in public. That is understandable. I’m presuming that also makes them hesitant to show their face on camera, have themselves recorded for the world to see and be dissect as well. Rather than exclude those people, I’d like to let them participate but perhaps ask their questions through a proxy. For those participants it would be more like being a live audience member, rather than sitting at the table on the main stage.

I'm going to create a separate discussion thread in which each study group member can express HOW they would like to participate.

  1. At the table - interactive discussion recorded on video for everyone to see
  2. Live audience - with periodic voice recorded question opportunities
  3. Live Stream - with text based questions relayed through a voice recorded moderator
  4. Recorded session - with questions asked and answered later in the forums
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Also, reading each email made us realize that people’s reasons for wanting to join varied a lot. But after a while I began to see they were complementary.

  1. Some would like the be “the face of XRP” for a region. People like YouTuber’s, Bloggers, and News Sites.
  2. Others want to help translate content, or create additional content but aren’t really intending to become public figures.
  3. Still others want to understand well enough to answer questions coming from other community members.
  4. Finally many others offered to help organize and facilitate the study group, while they are learning.

Initially I asked for people in the first group. But I now see that was a mistake. All of these are complimentary skills. They will reenforce each other region by region.

So, before I ask everyone to HOW they want to participate, I'm first going to ask everyone to introduce themselves by saying what they expect to do after the study sessions. Specifically, how they intend to help spread the new knowledge they gain to the broader world. After all, that is the reason I'm forming the study group. :)

When you do, please mention the region, culture or language of the people you would personally like to reach. I'm hoping doing so will encourage people to leverage each others skills by forming regional teams. Such teams could work together in both adapting content and answering questions from your respective communities. 

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Finally, there are still some remaining topics to be worked out.

  • Where do we meet?
    • Which video conferencing tech.
  • When do we meet?
    • What day of the week.
  • How many separate sessions?
    • We’ll need to accommodate diferent timezones.
  • Where does the recorded content and material go after the sessions?
  • Where do delayed viewers go to ask questions?
  • Regional team forming?
  • Translation and adaptation of the material?

I'll be creating separate threads about each in hopes of encouraging others to work together in sorting them out while I begin finalizing the material I'd like to present.

As we make decisions or reach conclusions, I'll summarize those this thread so people don't have hunt through the entire club for that basics.

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I created several new discussion topics so that everyone can share their opinions on how to best to organize the group.

Please take a few minutes to give your input.

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