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Increase in small - medium payments - [Galgitron]

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28 minutes ago, slinuxuzer said:

Pretty sure I asked Galgitron this and fiat isn't exchanged on ledger, IOUs are? Can't remember the exact answer, but there wasn't a good way to track actual fiat.

It would have to be a combination of both, 

A. Liquidity on exchange orderbooks that have issued on XRPL IOUs, plus

B. An aggregation of off ledger exchange Orderbooks, via APIs / data feeds.

I'm sure a fully clear picture can't be had, but the effort is well worth it, and should be publicly undertaken.

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I'll put this here at it purports to analyse developments of XRapid vol : Ripple: xRapid corridors, Bitso and Coins.ph witness 14-day high




The chart attached above shows that xRapid volumes for both of the above-mentioned corridors reached their highs on April 11, before crossing it. Bitso’s xRapid volume was $28,000, while that of Coins.ph was $77,000.



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3 hours ago, JannaOneTrick said:

Updated OP

Thank you @JannaOneTrick   This is very nice to see - confirmation of the trend and the rate of increase seems to be very solid.  This is just the sort of information that should convince more institutional buyers to enter the market.

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THANK YOU @JannaOneTrick  This is the most exciting thread!

There is now no doubt that something happened about 17 Feb since when there has been a steady growth. 

The growth of the ultra low value yellow band (20 - 1500 XRP)

17 Feb - 04 May  (45 days was + 7k)

14- 24 May  (10 days was + 4.5k )

It will be interesting to see if this exponential trend of growth gathers pace?

It seems there was some pause in the growth for the few days before 14 may and followed by a dramatic acceleration since 24 May? Statistical noise or a new corridor being opened up?  This is now also reflected in the stats for the more valuable blue and green bands of 15K to 150k (1,500 - 150,000K) transactions with the same acceleration points..

The growth of the low value Blue band (1,500 - 15,000 XRP)

17 Feb - 04 May  (45days was + 3k)

14- 24 May  (10 days was + 2.5k )

The growth of the medium value green band (15,000 - 150,000XRP) is showing the same trends and seems to have risen from 1,250 - 2.500 over the whole of this same time period

I am not mathematician, can someone extrapolate any prediction from this?  (maybe we need more data)



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4 hours ago, JannaOneTrick said:

Thank you all for your kind answers <3

Here is an observation:

Weekend slopes



Great work! However, instead of making such workday/weekend filters that are rather hard to read, could you just differentiate these timeseries and show us the plot of daily differences? I guess such plot would covey in much clearer way whether workdays are systematically different from weekends.

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It seems that it has now been confirmed that XRapid corridor between Japan and Thailand has opened up in the last few days.  This may explain the rapid growth of payments?

Did we ever get to understanding those micropayment peaks (purple)?  It happened again.  Could micropayment peaks indicate some sort of testing program during installation of a new corridor?

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