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3rd Allvor Airdrop: Participate and earn 40,000 ALV


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3rd Allvor Airdrop: Participate and earn 40,000 ALV


The third airdrop can reach 3,000 Ripple account holders

On April 17th, Allvor will perform the third airdrop scheduled for the month of April. This is the last of the three scheduled airdrops. In this airdrop, 40,000 ALV will be distributed for up to 3,000 Ripple accounts. Just access the form and request the payment.


All Ripple account holders can participate

Any Ripple account is enabled to participate in the Allvor airdrop. The only requirement is that the account has a trust line for Allvor. Users who have participated in the previous airdrops can participate again.


Important: Your account must have a trust line for Allvor

Remember that only Ripple accounts with a trust line for Allvor can receive ALV and join the airdrop. Here’s how to insert a trust line into your Ripple account.


Payments without Destination TAG

Due to some problems with payments with Destination TAG on CriptoHub Exchange’s user accounts, which took place on the first and second airdrop, we chose to remove payments with Destination TAG on this third airdrop. This feature may come back in the future.



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